Alabama Craft Distillers Association

Alabama Craft Distillers Association

The Alabama Craft Distillers Association is one of the companies that was founded to help represent the craft brewers operating in the Alabama area. If you are a fan of craft brewing, you might be interested in some of the governing bodies that surround it.

This is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2009 to protect the rights and marketing environment of craft brewers that operate in Alabama. The ACD is looking out for the interests of the craft brewers of Alabama, campaigning for their rights and fair legislation.

But what is the Alabama Craft Distillers Association and what exactly do they advocate for? What is the history of this association? How many members does the Alabama Craft Distillers Have? Well, we’ve gathered all of this information in our brief guide to the ACDA.

Who Is The Alabama Craft Distillers Association?

The Alabama Craft Distillers Association, also known as the Alabama Brewers Guild, was created in 2009 for the express purpose of providing a favorable framework for legislation around the production of craft breweries.

This association dedicates itself to education, advocacy, visibility, regulatory help, news, information, community building and resources regarding all the distillers that are operating in the Alabama area.

The guild is manned by plenty of different brewing company owners, including Goat Island Brewing Company, Fairhope Brewing Company, John Emerald Distilling, Free The Hops, Cahaba Brewing Company, Yellowhammer Brewing, Straight To Ale and the Chattahoochee Brewing Company.

History Of Alabama Craft Distillers Association

This association was formed in 2009 and made into an official nonprofit organization in 2012. It contains over 30 breweries in its partnerships, which makes it the biggest brewing cooperative in the state of Alabama.

The Alabama Craft Distillers Association has dealt with plenty of issues in the past. Here is a list of things that have campaigned for since their genesis:

  • Introduction of an alcohol delivery service – before 2021, it was illegal to deliver alcohol to residential premises, but in 2021, this decision was overturned and the bill was introduced to deliver alcohol to certain premises (although with restrictions).
  • Contract brewing – The association introduced a bill that clarified contract brewing and how the production of such beers would affect the production of beers by smaller brewers.
  • Manufacturer designations – This is a change to the alcohol license that allows the licensee to specify the sort of alcohol that it is designed to produce.
  • Increasing the limits of off-premises brewing – This new law allowed distilleries to produce around 288 ounces of beer per day, which equals 3 standard beer cases. This will allow you to sell 6 kegs of beer from the brewery.

What Do Alabama Craft Distillers Association Do?

What Do Alabama Craft Distillers Association Do?

The Alabama Craft Distillers Association has a broad remit where it seeks to generally advocate and represent the beer distillery in the Alabama area. Here are a few mission statements as outlined on the website:

  • Advocacy – By representing small distilleries, the guild campaigns for legislation that will mainly benefit the production of craft beers by smaller business owners.
  • Education – this seeks to educate politicians and lawmakers on craft beer distribution and production in an attempt to influence policy decisions in a positive manner.
  • News – the guild aims to update its members on all sorts of policy decisions relating to the production of craft beer in the Alabama area. This includes any new restrictions and victories in craft beer lobbying.
  • Contact – the guild makes an effort to establish good communication between craft beer producers and those that consume. This can be through direct email or facilitating events between brewers and consumers.

Here are some of the more recent issues that the Alabama Craft Distillers Association is looking to tackle:

  • Remove Contract Restrictions For Small Brewers – This bill currently prohibits small breweries from amending their distribution contracts, making them enter into exclusive deals with various bars and restaurants. The guild aims to make this brewing legislation much more flexible.
  • Allow For The Distribution Of Beer And Wine By Small Manufacturers – This law is designed to stop big breweries and winemakers from selling their own products to retailers. However, these restrictions do not make sense when applied to smaller wine and beer makers, so the guild is campaigning to have these restrictions eased.
  • Allow The Sale Of Alcohol At Retail – A lot of breweries have tasting centers that include restaurants. However, they can only sell the beers, spirits and wines that they make on-site and there is no license for them to buy beer from licensed wholesalers.
  • Reforming the Alabama Brewpub Act – this will lift the cap on Alabama brewers that currently only allows them to produce 10,000 barrels a year. It also comes with a restriction on bottles and cans that the Alabama Craft Distillers are trying to lift.

Alabama Craft Distillers Association Membership

There is currently no information on the number of members that have joined the Alabama Craft Distillers Association. However, there is a list of industry partners on the website. This includes some of the following select businesses:

  • ABS Commercial – full-service craft brewery and parts outfitter
  • Alabama Beer Promotions
  • Alabama Trucking Association
  • Baker Street Digital – Digital marketing company
  • Berlin Packaging – Alabama
  • Budweiser Busch Brewing Company
  • Christian And Small LLP
  • Country Malt Group
  • Holston Gases
  • Hopsteiner
  • Micro Matic
  • Omega Yeast
  • Pro Chiller Systems
  • Valent Group
  • Yakima Chief Hops
  • Pro Chiller Systems Inc.

Alabama Craft Distillers Association Law And Licensing

The Alabama Craft Distillers Association is not a legal body and they do not have any direct say over whether or not you can change the law regarding beer distribution. They do work closely with the government and act more as a lobbying group that campaigns to change the law.

The ACDA also cannot penalize any of its members if it violates any of its rules. It also cannot provide legal counsel or legal protection for its partners or members.

No brewery, retailer, restaurant, or distillery is legally required to join the Alabama Craft Distiller Association.

Alabama Distilleries in the Alabama Craft Distillers Association AKA the Alabama Brewers Guild

Cahaba Brewing Company located in Birmingham, Alabama

Irons One Distillery located in Huntsville, Alabama

Keel and Co. Distilling, Inc. located in Headland, Alabama

Old Black Bear Brewing Co. located in Madison, Alabama

Redmont Distilling Company located in Birmingham, Alabama

Yellowhammer Brewing located in Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama Craft Distillers Association Leadership

  • Alabama Craft Distillers Association Contact Info

    Jim Perkins
    Executive Director of the Alabama Craft Distillers Association


We hope that this guide to the Alabama Craft Distillers Association has helped you to understand what their mission statement is and what they are responsible for.

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