Arizona Craft Distillers Guild

Arizona Craft Distillers Guild

The state of Arizona produces some of the best spirits in the world with its unique climate aiding the production of these award winning beverages. The Arizona Craft Distillers Guild also known as Arizona Craft Beverage have contributed to this success.

We take a look at them as well as the Arizona distilling requirements, laws, restrictions and state fees.

What Is The Arizona Craft Distillers Guild?

The Arizona Craft Distillers Guild is also known as Arizona Craft Beverage. They are located in Elgin, Arizona and are an association of distillers in the state.


The Elgin Distillery was Arizona’s first Craft Distillery, and it is the most and highest awarded in the western United States. It produces some of the best gins and bourbons in the world, winning awards across the country and the globe.

It is the only American rum to ever win gold at the International Wine & Spirits Conference, the Regalo de Vida Ron Imperial.

Arizona Licensing Requirements And Distillery Restrictions & Laws

Anyone producing spirituous liquor and selling it to a wholesale distributor requires a license in Arizona. This liquor license is non-transferable.

Manufacturers holding an In-State Producer license can also sell liquor produced on the licensed premises for on-site consumption provided they also hold an on-sale retail license.

These retail license premises must be situated on or next to the licensed premises of the in-state producer.

State Fees

The state fees for an in-state producer of spirits in Arizona is $1,850 for a full year and $1,675 for half a year. There is a $420 renewal fee and a $150 fee for late applications.

An in-state craft distillery pays $600 per year in issuance fees and $450 for a half year. Renewal costs $370 and there is a $150 late fee.

Federal Requirements For Producing Spirits

Anyone wishing to produce spirits in Arizona must have prior approval to operate a distilled spirits plant and have the correct license. The list of requirements to obtain approval is long and includes paying special tax, filing a bond, and there is an extensive application process.

Applicants for this approval will be required to provide adequate equipment for measuring spirits, have suitable pipelines and tanks, and operate the process in a dedicated building. They are also required to keep detailed records and file reports.

Arizona Craft Beverage Award Winning Spirits

Arizona Craft Beverage have won many awards for their spirits, including rum, gin and whiskies.


Elgin distilleries rum is made from locally sourced northern Sonoran sugar cane and then aged in ex-bourbon barrels. This maintains the quality and consistency of the spirit which has won the distillery so many awards for its rum.

They are considered to be the benchmark for the American rum style and are constantly striving to perfect their craft.

Their dark rum is cold fermented using their proprietary yeast and water sourced from their own well, trademarked as Magic Water. Distillation takes place in a copper still, and they credit their location at 5,000 ft with the spirits’ superb aging process.

Local climatic conditions of daytime heat and cool nights contribute to the excellence of this product. This includes the Regalo de Vida Ron Imperial, a five year aged rum that won Best in Show at the 2019 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.

Other rums include Regalo de Vida Ron de Maestro which is a six year single barrel rum. It is a limited release and only available from Elgin distilleries tasting room


The gin made at Elgin distillery starts as wine, which is harvested and crushed in the state’s original wine country. Hand harvested botanicals are blended together before fermentation, and together they make some of the most sought after gin in the world.

Wine from gin is this distillery’s approach and one which has won them numerous awards. Trevor’s Own El Gin, named after the distillery’s India Blue peacock, won a gold medal in its first competition. Since then, it has won more than 90 awards.

Graciano and El Gin have a small amount of Graciano wine added back into the gin. Their Moscato and El Gin is made from Moscato Bianco, producing a fruity and floral gin. Holiday El Gin is a cranberry and blood orange infused gin, perfect for the holiday season.


Arizona Straight Bourbon from Elgin distillery is made from 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% barley. Following distillation, it is mixed with their Magic Water and barreled for at least six years in American white oak.

Stored at 5,000 feet the daily temperature fluctuations of more than 60 °F create an accelerated oxidation of the whiskey, all done naturally. Arizona Straight Bourbon has won more than 30 gold and double gold medals at major international competitions.

The distillery’s Arizona Straight Rye is made from 100% Arizona grown rye and is distilled, aged and bottled on site. It is aged for a minimum of 5 years in American oak barrels and is bottled 95° proof.

Their Arizona Straight Single Malt whiskey is made from 100% malted, Arizona grown barley. Like the rye it is aged for a minimum of 5 years in American oak barrels and is bottled at 84° proof.

Final Thoughts

The Arizona Craft Beverage has an excellent reputation and pedigree and consistently produces award winning spirits. Their rum, gin and whiskies are all held in high esteem, and they continue to improve all the time.

We hope that you have enjoyed this look at who Arizona Craft Beverage are and what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Awards Has The Arizona Craft Beverage Distillers Won?

In 2018 the Elgin Distillery won the Best in Class for Dark/Gold rum at the World Spirits Competition. In 2019, they won Best of Class for Aged Rum and Best in Show.

What Spirits Do The Arizona Craft Beverage Distillers Produce?

Arizona Craft Beverage distilleries produce gins, whiskies including rye, malt and bourbon as well as some of the world’s best rum.

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