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Are you visiting Florida or a local looking for a new distillery to try? Perhaps you’re a vodka or rum enthusiast looking for a unique experience here in Florida while on vacation. Regardless of the reason, we’re sure the Loaded Cannon Distillery will blow your socks off. From award-winning bourbons and whiskeys to North America’s best-flavored vodka, you won’t be let down if you visit this amazing, local Bradenton distillery.

When Was Loaded Cannon Distillery Opened?

In 2017, The Loaded Cannon opened for Bradenton customers. This distillery has actually been selected as one of USA Today’s top 10 new distilleries! Plus, Loaded Cannon Distillery’s flavored vodka was chosen as “Best Flavored Vodka in North America” – a fantastic feat. Since 2017, this Florida distillery has been pumping out delicious spirits, impressing the local Manatee County communities for nearly six years.

Why “Loaded Cannon”?

When you set foot on the distillery grounds, right away you’ll notice their pirate-y nature. This makes for an amazingly fun tasting and touring experience. From the pirate-worthy decor to the stunning copper bar top in the tasting room, you’ll be impressed at every turn inside this unique distillery.

Spirits Produced by Loaded Cannon Distillery

Since The Loaded Cannon is still relatively young, you won’t find long-aged spirits just yet – however, the flavored vodkas, gins, limoncellos, and more are absolutely delicious.


The Loaded Cannon Distillery’s vodka is made in an all-copper still and is named after Anne Bonny, a fierce pirate. Their vodka is, as they put it, “BOLD, one-of-a-kind, and exhilarating.” Since they distill their vodka at least fifteen times, you can count on crystal-clear pours and incredible purity. The Loaded Cannon’s vodka comes in mouth-watering flavors like lime, lemon, strawberry, jalapeño, orange, and many more.


Named after pirate Ben Margoza, Loaded Cannon Distillery’s gin is filled with seventeen aromatic botanicals which they’ve considered “just the right botanical mix to keep you guessing”! This distillery’s gin is produced from their fine vodka in a 100% copper still and finished in a “hibiscus bath.” There are two varieties: the normal gin and an American and French Oak barrel-aged gin.


A pirate-themed distillery surely wouldn’t be complete without a good selection of rum, right? The Loaded Cannon Distillery surely doesn’t disappoint on this front. This distillery proudly uses a balance of molasses and dark sugar – and that 100% copper still we’ve been talking about. You’ll find flavors like maple pecan, toasted coconut, coffee, pumpkin pie, and more.

Bourbon & Whiskey

The Loaded Cannon has many award-winning bourbons and whiskeys – namely their straight bourbon whiskey – Carlota’s Revenge. You’ll find Florida rye and corn that create smooth, easy-drinking flavors. Be sure to try the rice whiskey; a whiskey created in honor of their mascot, Cannonball; and “Lost Legends,” a tribute to first responders. Learn more about their bourbons and whiskeys here.


Distilled using the original Sicilian technique involving lemon hammocks, The Loaded Cannon’s Santino Bavaro Limoncello packs a huge punch of crisp, mouth-puckering lemon flavor – without all of the bitterness.

Where to Find Loaded Cannon Distillery’s Spirits

You can find this distillery’s locally-crafted spirits in places across Florida, including Gecko’s Grill & Pub in Sarasota, The Dive in Cape Coral, Blue Surf American Grill right here in Bradenton, and many more restaurants, dives, liquor stores, and bars across Florida.

The Distillery Crew

At Loaded Cannon Distillery, you’ll find passionate, dedicated distillers with a unique sense of taste – they love producing those “special” spirits that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, they’ve named their copper still “Anney,” she’s part of the crew, too! You can tour the facility and maybe even see Anney in action while you’re there! Whether you’re welcomed by Steve, Alana, Jesse, or Mike, your time at The Loaded Cannon will be well spent.

Tours, Events, & Classes

Tour the Loaded Cannon Distillery Today!

If you want to tour the Loaded Cannon Distillery facility, simply stop by! Tours through the distilling floor occur every half hour and on the hour – tours stop at five in the evening.

Libations Class

If it’s a Libations Class you’re looking for, the Loaded Cannon Distillery has that, too! These cocktail classes are great activities for groups and get-togethers. During these classes, you’ll learn some about cocktail history and the fundamentals of cocktail mixing – all while enjoying delicious, locally-crafted cocktails! 

Generally, Loaded Cannon Distillery runs these classes once every other month on the last Monday of that month. Depending on demand, they may offer more of these classes, so if you’re in town and want to do one, give the folks at the distillery a call. Classes are two hours long and need at least ten people. Private classes are also available on the last Tuesday of each month. Learn more on their website: Classes – Loaded Cannon Distillery.

Whiskey Class

If you’re looking for a fully-loaded whiskey distilling experience, then the Whiskey Class is certainly for you. This three-hour class goes through the fermentation of grain, the distillation of wash, and the aging of whiskey in small batches.

During the class, you’ll learn how blends are made, barrels are tested, and tasting is done for a final product. Participants will also get a chance to blend their own whiskey! To learn more and schedule your spot in one of Loaded Cannon’s whiskey classes, contact them today.

Loaded Cannon Distillery Location & Directions

Located in the city of Bradenton in Manatee County, Florida, Loaded Cannon Distillery was actually the first distillery in that county! Look at our interactive map to find directions to Loaded Cannon Distillery. 

To see where the distillery is located on Google Maps and to get directions, click here.

Loaded Cannon Distillery Operating Hours

Loaded cannon distillery is closed Monday and Tuesday, but is open other days of the week from noon to six in the evening or later. Locals and tourists alike are welcome to stop in to try the spirits that Loaded Cannon Distillery produces: things like gin, whiskey, limoncello, rum, and their award-winning vodka!

Tasting Room Hours

The tasting room hours for Loaded Cannon Distillery are Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from noon to six in the evening; Friday from noon to nine at night; and Saturday from noon to eight at night. The tasting room may only be open at those later times if private parties are booked in advance.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop in and give Loaded Cannon Distillery a try!

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Loaded Cannon Distillery 14 reviews

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14 reviews
  • Geoff Bergman

    Staff is always great! Take the tour and enjoy the samples. They make a large variety so there’s something for everyone!

  • David Pelkey

    Try the Jalapeño flavored vodka with the Pimento spicy ginger beer.

    • Steve

      It is truly a match made in heaven!

  • Joseph Lalumia

    Steve and Alana
    Congratulations on being named the Best Distillery in Florida!! I always enjoy your hospitality and fantastic drinks when I visit from NJ!! I hope to be back early next year. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    • Steve

      Thanks Joe!! Come back soon.

  • Nancy Puffer

    What a great find! Can’t wait to come back on a Friday!!

  • Mark p

    We went for a tasting and have been in love with ever since!

  • David Curtis

    Steve’s passions and talents are on display and well worth the visits. His unique versions of spirits are all enjoyable and ever-evolving. He and his team are so friendly and we enjoy going there so much.

  • Joe Tinaglia

    Best place to come and visit and enjoy
    Highly recommend it
    Come and see for yourself. Steve is the best!

  • Greg Taylor

    Highly recommend a visit here. Terrific tour and a great tasting, terrific value for the price. Wide range of products and all are high quality.

  • Dell Ann Kuhn

    What a great place. The spirits are awesome. The owner and his employees are very friendly and so willing to help you select spirits. The whiskey is foodie for. So is the limoncello. A must visit for those who want one of the best the area has to offer.

    • Dellann kuhn

      The whiskey is to die for.

  • Rachel Larson

    Awesome place. Fun, informational tours, delicious vodka, nice service, and cool atmosphere. We really like the pirate theme.

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