Travel the Tennessee Whiskey Trail with Whiskey Bent Tours

Country music fans know that the state of Tennessee has played a significant role in propagating the genre, but this is also home to the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Moreover, it’s a state that’s home to many excellent breweries, distilleries, and wineries.  But what should travelers visiting the state of Tennessee do? Should they visit Nashville […]

Take the Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with The B-Line

Did you know that in 1964 Congress officially declared bourbon a “distinctive product” of the US? As a result, bourbon is “America’s Native Spirit,” and that’s just one of the reasons there are so many bourbon tours in the southeast part of the United States. At, we know just how vital bourbon is to millions […]

Award-Winning Distillery Experiences with Tennessee Whiskey Tours

We can’t wait to talk about Tennessee Whiskey Tours, and we bet that since you found us here at, you’re interested in whiskey. Tennessee has long been right there with the four main whiskey-making regions of the world: Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, and Tennessee! Tennessee whiskey is known worldwide, so let’s look at the award-winning distillery […]