9 Best Alcohol Varieties for Shots

Shots are a fun way to take alcohol, more so while you are chilling with your friends. The challenge arises in finding the ideal alcohol for the shots. Whether you love traditional drinks or you’re looking for something new, here are the nine best alcohol varieties for shots. 1. Bourbon Initially, bourbon was meant for […]

8 of the Most Popular Cocktails Requests in 2023

The 90s are back. From fashion to music and even trending cocktails, what was once out of vogue is now back in demand. However, it is not a repeat of this decade gone by. Instead, people are looking for ways to enjoy nostalgia while embracing quality or quantity. So, instead of slamming back the cheap […]

Free Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Enjoying Yourself without the Hangover: 18 Tips

With so many delightful spirits and cocktail varieties out there, you’d want to sample them all. But then, reality sets in, and so does the buzz kill of the thought of a hangover. From headaches to being couch-ridden all day with Netflix, hangovers can ruin your whole post-celebrating day.  But there are ways you can […]

These 23 Spirits Make Amazing Gifts

We often struggle to pick the ideal present when the holidays set in. Always seeking to get amazing gifts that will indeed wow your recipients. If your target receiver is a spirit enthusiast, then a bottle of whiskey will never disappoint. Studies show that during the holiday season, 48.6% of people will buy an alcoholic drink […]

15 Iconic Cocktails You Can Make with Gin

Gin can trace its origins back to the 11th century, and its popularity continues to grow today, making it a favorite for a variety of iconic cocktails. The distinctive gin flavor you are accustomed to comes from the juniper berry. Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink loved by people worldwide.  Initially a medicinal liquor, it […]