Martini 101: The Basics & Beyond Of The Well-Made Martini

Without any doubt, a martini cocktail is one of those drinks that oozes sophistication and unrestrained coolness! That’s not surprising since it’s a drink popularized by everyone’s favorite fictional secret agent — James Bond. After all, he’s famously known for wanting his martinis “shaken, not stirred.” But James Bond’s love for this particular cocktail doesn’t […]

15 Best Pennsylvania Distilleries We Highly Recommend

15 Best Pennsylvania Distilleries We Highly Recommend

Do you love visiting different distilleries? Do you live near Pennsylvania? Or perhaps you’re visiting and want to know the best distilleries to check out. If this sounds like you, then definitely read on. In this article, I’m going to be telling you about the very best distilleries you can find in Pennsylvania that are […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Tequila

Tequila is the life of the party and with good reason. This beloved spirit is enjoyed in multiple ways, whether sipped neat or as the base for popular cocktails like Margaritas. Despite its wide popularity, choosing the right tequila for a specific occasion can be tricky due to the wide range of options and styles […]

How to Choose the Right Whiskey for the Occasion

The whiskey world is vast and filled with numerous choices, from scotch to Japanese, bourbon whiskey, and more, which is ideal as you aren’t limited. However, the immense options come with one downside; it takes a lot of work to pick a whiskey for a special occasion, especially for newbie whiskey lovers. This post has compiled a […]

10 Incredible Uses for Brandy (Besides Sipping, Of Course)

How familiar are you with brandy? More importantly, how familiar are you with the many uses for brandy? What is Brandy? The name brandy comes from a Dutch word “brandewijn,” meaning ‘burnt wine.’ Brandy is made from fermented fruits (grapes, apples, and even peaches). The fundamental difference between wine and brandy is that the latter […]

Is Tequila Keto (2)

Is Tequila Keto?

When we first get started out on the keto diet, it can be hard to know where to begin. Sure, it seems easy enough, just no potatoes, rice, or wheat, right? But what about all of those ambiguous foods and drinks out there? It can take a great deal of research and patience when it […]

Is Tequila An Upper (3)

Is Tequila An Upper?

Tequila is a popular alcoholic beverage that has been around for centuries. It is made from the blue agave plant and is most commonly found in Mexico. The question of whether tequila is an upper or downer has been asked many times, with some people claiming that it is the only “upper” alcoholic spirit. However, […]