A Complete Guide to Mixing & Drinking Rum

Few spirits hold a colorful place in the history of alcoholic beverages as rum. From the swashbuckling pirate ships of the 17th century to the tiki bars of the mid-20th century, rum has always been a spirit associated with adventure and exotic flavors. With its unique sweetness derived from sugar cane, rum is perfect for […]

8 of the Most Popular Cocktails Requests in 2023

The 90s are back. From fashion to music and even trending cocktails, what was once out of vogue is now back in demand. However, it is not a repeat of this decade gone by. Instead, people are looking for ways to enjoy nostalgia while embracing quality or quantity. So, instead of slamming back the cheap […]

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Enjoying Yourself without the Hangover: 18 Tips

With so many delightful spirits and cocktail varieties out there, you’d want to sample them all. But then, reality sets in, and so does the buzz kill of the thought of a hangover. From headaches to being couch-ridden all day with Netflix, hangovers can ruin your whole post-celebrating day.  But there are ways you can […]

15 Iconic Cocktails You Can Make with Gin

Gin can trace its origins back to the 11th century, and its popularity continues to grow today, making it a favorite for a variety of iconic cocktails. The distinctive gin flavor you are accustomed to comes from the juniper berry. Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink loved by people worldwide.  Initially a medicinal liquor, it […]

What Are Bitters & How Should You Use Them?

Cocktail bitters are the secret weapon in a bartender’s toolkit, adding depth and complexity to drinks. With a single dash, bitters can elevate the flavors of both classic and contemporary cocktails. They bring balance and enhance the unique character of each beverage, making them a must-have ingredient for every bartender. Discover the magic of cocktail […]

Retro Cocktail Creations You Definitely Should Try

Alcohol has been an integral part of human history, with each civilization crafting its own beer, wine, or liquor. Over time, some drinks remain steadfast, while others fade into the history books. Cocktails seem especially susceptible to disappearing as they tend to reflect the current times and culture. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth […]

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Cocktail Favorites of Today’s Millennials

Depending on your age and generation, some cocktails and spirits are just more popular than others. And a lot goes into how and why certain drink trends take off like they sometimes do. But if you talk to the veteran bartenders, mixology specialists, and distillery enthusiasts, they’ll tell you exactly what’s catching everyone’s attention these […]

22 Cocktails to Drink If Your Calorie Conscious

Cocktails provide an ideal way to unwind after a long tiresome day at work. However, if you’re counting calories, and trying to lose or maintain weight, finding a cocktail with a low-calorie amount can be challenging.  You are not alone; studies show that 45% of people worldwide are trying to get rid of the extra pounds. This […]