There’s More to Rum Than Just RumChata

Rum and the various types of rum is one of the most storied and flavorful spirits to grace the palette. Still, it is sometimes tragically overlooked. Worse yet, it is all too often pigeonholed into ideas like RumChata being the best product to buy to enjoy the pleasures of rum. While RumChata is undeniably delicious, […]

A Complete Guide to Mixing & Drinking Rum

Few spirits hold a colorful place in the history of alcoholic beverages as rum. From the swashbuckling pirate ships of the 17th century to the tiki bars of the mid-20th century, rum has always been a spirit associated with adventure and exotic flavors. With its unique sweetness derived from sugar cane, rum is perfect for […]

What Does Rum Taste Like

What Does Rum Taste Like?

For those of you who have had the pleasure of indulging in a high quality glass of rum, you’ll know that the flavors displayed by the beverage are incomparable. No other alcoholic beverage demonstrates the same silky aroma of rum, and its capacity for mixing is truly to be reckoned with.  If you’ve found yourself […]