Denver Distilleries - The Ultimate Guide

Denver Distilleries – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning a trip to Denver to check out its distilleries, you’ll be happy to know that there’s much more for you to see and do here. From great restaurants to magnificent monuments you’ll be thrilled to spend more time in the Mile High City.

While we look at some Denver distilleries, the ultimate guide to Denver will also tell you how to get there and what to see and do when you arrive.

About Denver

Denver is also known as the Mile High City. In fact, there’s a step at the State Capitol Building that is precisely 5,280 feet or one mile above sea level.

In the thinner atmosphere the sun feels warmer, your coffee will be cooler and alcohol packs more of a punch.

The city is close to the mountains with over 200 named peaks visible from Denver. It has a dry and mild climate with more than 300 sunny days per year, more than Miami.

With one of the most walkable downtown areas in the country there are so many things to see and do including performing arts centers, history museums, and a whitewater rafting river.

Finding somewhere to stay won’t be difficult either as the city boasts many hotels and over 50,000 first class hotel rooms in the greater metropolitan area.

There is a thriving food and drink scene in the city with a real emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Not least of this growing beverage scene are the craft beer breweries and local distilleries in Denver and the surrounding area.

Denver Local Distilleries

The flourishing distilling industry in Denver has given rise to many first class production facilities in and around the city. The expanse of farmland and fresh mountain water has provided everything the industry needs to produce flavorful spirits.

Laws Whiskey House

Laws Whiskey House is true to its name and only makes whiskey. Its four grain straight bourbon is created by traditional open-air fermentation and is aged for two years at a minimum. Only heritage grains are used from family owned farms.

Mythology Distillery

Mythology Distillery produces whiskey, gin, vodka and rum. Like so many other distilleries in Denver, Mythology only sources local ingredients, to ensure consistency and quality in their products. Sample some for yourself in their cocktail bar.

Rising Sun Distillery

Rising Sun Distillery creates Colorado peach brandy, gin, vodka, whiskey and various liqueurs from locally sourced ingredients and filtered Colorado water. This is a craft distillery with everything being handmade from scratch in small batches to ensure quality and flavor.

Mile High Spirits

Producing different types of whiskey and bourbon as well as vodka, rum, gin and tequila Mile High Spirits is not just a distillery. This is a music and event destination where you can also enjoy their award-winning spirits.

Deerhammer Distillery

If you’re visiting Denver you’ll definitely take a trip to the Colorado Rockies, so why not visit the Deerhammer Distillery? Here they produce corn whiskey, Colorado four grain whiskey and gin. However their multi award winning single malt whiskey is their flagship spirit.

Traveling To Denver

Depending on your starting point you can travel to Denver by car, train or plane. Getting around the city is easy due to the very walkable downtown but also the city’s light rail system.

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station is a multi-modal transportation hub which brings Amtrak trains, RTD buses and trains together. This makes getting into and around Denver very easy, and you won’t need to use a car.

However, if you plan to take excursions outside the city then there are vehicle rental services within Union Station. There are also shuttle services which operate between downtown Denver, Capitol Hill and the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is the third busiest airport in the world, with more than 68 million passengers passing through in 2022. Unsurprisingly It is also the primary economic generator for the state of Colorado.

You can fly into Denver from anywhere in the world or internally within the US and take one of the many transit options to get into the city. Choose from commuter trains, hotel shuttles, limousines or even mountain carriers.

Things To See In Denver

You can’t come to Denver and not see all the incredible sights but be warned, it may take more than a single visit. Chances are when you see what the city has to offer you’ll already be making plans to come back.

Downtown Denver

As we may have mentioned once or twice, Denver has one of the most walkable downtown areas in the country. Although that doesn’t mean you have to walk. The city has a fantastic transportation system which means you can save your energy for enjoying the sights.

The 16th Street Mall is a mile long pedestrian promenade lined with fantastic restaurants, enticing stores and fun things to do. After dark, you’ll see horse-drawn carriages going up and down the mall.

Larimer Square is the dining district and home to specialty boutiques where you’ll find some exclusive offerings.

Lower Downtown Historic District, also referred to as LoDo has more than 90 brewpubs, sports bars and rooftop cafés, many housed in turn of the century warehouses.

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum has recently undergone a major renovation and now has expanded gallery space as well as stunning views of the Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains.

It showcases all kinds of art including Asian, Latin American and pre-1900 American and European art. Photography, fashion and textile art are also on exhibit.

Colorado State Capitol

The Colorado State Capitol is the perfect location for viewing the 200 named peaks around Denver. State law prohibits any building work that would obscure the view from the rotunda of the State Capitol.

Buffalo Bill Museum

Bill Cody or Buffalo Bill is buried on top of Lookout Mountain overlooking the plains and mountains where he had his happiest moments. The Pony Express rider, showman and buffalo hunter comes to life in the Buffalo Bill Museum.

Denver Botanic Gardens

In the middle of this bustling city you’ll find a 23 acre oasis of calm and beauty. The Denver Botanic Gardens is home to more than 33,000 plants scattered throughout 45 different gardens. It also has the country’s top ten conservatories.

Monuments To Visit In Denver

Get out and explore around the city of Denver and visit some of its great monuments and national parks.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is carved from the towering red sandstone and is one of the world’s greatest concert venues. Pay a visit to the Performer’s Hall of Fame or take a hike on one of the trails weaving through the red rocks.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Slightly further from Denver, but still just 71 miles west, you’ll find Rocky Mountain National Park which is a must-visit destination.

There are more than 350 miles of trails, thundering waterfalls and valleys of wildflowers to enjoy. You’ll spot elk, moose, and bighorn sheep while overhead keep an eye out from eagles and white hawks.

Mount Evans & Echo Lake

Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America and is 9,000 feet above Denver. Stop at Echo Lake for a picnic, fishing, or hiking a trail. Alternatively you could dine in the unusual octagonal restaurant here.

Denver Culture

There is a diverse culture in Denver and the city is known for its educated population. It is one of the most educated cities in the US with over 90% of residents having high school diplomas and 30% have college degrees.

It is a young city with the average age being around 32 and is also known for being a healthy place to live. Denver has the lowest rates of obesity in the US and promotes an active lifestyle.

Denver Food & Beverage Scene

Denver has a forward thinking dining landscape and there are always new and exciting restaurants to explore.

Restaurants Not To Miss

Check out Apple Blossom in the Hyatt Centric in downtown Denver for its tempting menu and captivating bar.

Chez Maggy at the Thompson Denver hotel has Michelin starred French chef Ludo Lefebvre at the helm so prepare yourself for some French inspired cuisine and wine.

A5 Steakhouse in Lower Downtown Denver is based on the all-American steakhouse but with retro elements. Each steak is marked with the name of the farm it originated from.

Denver Wineries

Denver has some great wineries including Attimo Wine, and the whimsically named Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery. You’ll even find a vineyard in the middle of Denver at Balistreri vineyards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Distilleries Are In Denver?

There are approximately 17 distilleries in Denver, but this is a flourishing industry and new enterprises are opening up all the time.

Is The Highest Altitude Distillery In Denver?

Despite being a mile high, Denver doesn’t have the highest altitude distillery. Instead it is 78 miles west in Breckenridge.

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