Responsible Drinking: A How to Guide for Distillery Tours

Plan Ahead

Timeless suggestion for responsible drinking, right? You have probably been told to plan ahead more times than you wish to admit. That’s because it’s really good advice! Having a plan will serve you well when it comes to having an enjoyable craft distillery tasting adventure. We have created this guide to help take the guesswork out of planning for the most pleasant experience. Study up, make your list, check it twice, and get ready for some fun!

Find a Sober Ride

Safety first! Finely crafted spirits and delicious cocktail ingredients mix well but drinking and driving don’t. You’ve seen the commercials reminding you that buzzed driving is drunk driving. Don’t let poor planning for a safe ride be a buzzkill. So, who’s driving? Know before you go.

No Empty Stomachs Allowed

Drinking on an empty stomach will likely leave you full of regret. Your staying power will certainly be diminished if you don’t eat before you drink. This is because alcohol quickly passes from an empty stomach into the small intestine and then to your bloodstream. The result is a rapid rise in blood alcohol concentration, the well-known measure of a person’s intoxication level. To get the most out of your craft distillery experience, you need to start with a solid base. Eat a meal that is high in fiber and protein. These types of foods will digest more slowly and keep your belly full longer.

Sip, Don’t Chug

Pace yourselves, friends. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to be able to taste all the different spirits your local distillery has to offer. If you drink too much or too fast, you may need to drop out. Nobody wants that. So, take small sips. Savor the flavors.

Make Water Your Best Friend

Speaking of marathons… What would a marathon be without spectators handing out water? It would be a mess! You will be a mess too if you don’t alternate your drinks a bit. Sipping water throughout the day will dilute the alcohol, and less is more if you want to stay the course. Drinking plenty of water will also keep you hydrated. This will add to your staying power and help you feel better the next day.

Manners Please

Following the tips in this guide will help prevent intoxication. Remember that you can be refused drinks or asked to end your visit if you display signs of intoxication. No matter what, remember your manners. You are ultimately a guest at your local distillery. You should expect to be treated well, but you should also always be respectful to your host – even if they must tell you the party is over.

Forgot to Plan Ahead?

If you weren’t quite prepared for the distillery experience, and you ran out of room for tasting all of the varieties, take them home with you! Consider purchasing what you couldn’t try and maybe even the favorites you discovered during your visit.

Take One Down, Pass it Around

You can also use your new expertise to purchase gifts for family and friends. Gift cards are a good option too. Maybe they will invite you to join them for another trip to the distillery. What a great way to share your experience with others!

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