Absinthe Distilleries

Absinthe is a unique anise-flavored spirit that originated in Switzerland around the late 18th century. It has recently seen a resurgence locally after becoming a legal spirit in the United States from an almost 100 year ban! Craft Distilleries and nearby bars are beginning to use absinthe in all kinds of cocktails. Absinthe is made using local herbs and fruits, making it all the more interesting - plus its vibrant green hue can make any cocktail look exciting! Depending on local regulations, some countries may prohibit Absinthe due to its high alcohol content (ranging between 45-74% ABV). However, there are a few cocktails that allow you to enjoy absinthe without breaking any laws. The traditional French drink known as ‘Absinthe Suisse’ requires three parts water and one part absinthe while the American ‘Lucid’ will mix your local spirit with vodka and muddled lemon juice. Taste each concoction for yourself and see what absinthe can bring to your glass! Drink absinthe made at a distillery near you in the United States and because of the history and strength of this craft spirit- drink absinthe responsibly.