Bitters Distilleries

Bitters are a special ingredient used in crafting cocktails that can provide a unique nuance to each sip. Bitters add complexity, depth of flavor, and intensity as well as creating balance between the other ingredients in a cocktail. They are most often made at local craft distilleries distilleries easily found nearby. At the distillery Bitters are infused alcoholic with an array of culinary herbs, spices, fruits, flowers and roots. The bitter taste is achieved by the infusion of various botanicals that are commonly added to cocktails such as Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Sazerac. While many recipes require bitters for authenticity, some create their own local versions of recipes with local specificity from the bitters themselves. In regards to whether bitters contain alcohol, there are both versions depending on who’s making them - most local distilleries include a certain percentage of alcohol in their bitters, so always check if unsure. When you are looking for ingredients to stock your bar be sure to choose bitters that are made at a local distillery nearby, and always drink responsibly!