Brandy Distilleries

Brandy is a spirit made from local fruit, commonly grapes, which have been distilled and aged in oak casks. The range of flavors depend on the local produce used and the length of aging time. Distilleries throughout the United States craft brandy from local sources- and it is worth seeking out local distilleries to explore regional variations of Brandy. The taste of brandy can range from sweet to dry and be as diverse as that of whisky or rum. To appreciate its flavor better, try ordering a brandy neat or on the rocks. If you wish to experience unique blends, there are many renowned brandy cocktails for your exploration. From classic Sidecars to modern twists like the Bitter Absinthe Fizz, local craft distilleries may even offer customized concoctions using their locally distilled spirits. Visit a nearby distillery and sip some delicious brandy today. Always choose your favorite Brandy from local distilleries and drink responsibly.