Liqueur & Cordial Distilleries

Liqueurs and cordials are two distinctly different types of spirit-based beverages with various similarities between them. Both are usually made in local craft distilleries, have a sweet flavor, and typically have an ABV of 15%-30%. Liqueurs often contain a mix of herbs and spices for added flavoring, while cordials tend to center around a themed flavoring such as citrus, peppermint or raspberry. When it comes to drinks that call for either liqueur or cordials, there is no shortage of recipes - from martinis to dessert cocktails. The best way to experience the flavor profile of both spirits is by either visiting your local distillery and tasting some samples, or searching on for local craft distilleries where you can experience the liqueurs and cordials that fit your taste profile and desires. Whatever you choose, liqueurs and cordials are an integral part of any social gathering so why not take advantage of local offerings nearby. When you stock your bar or order a drink out- remember to order locally made liqueurs and cordials to support the craft distillery scene.