Schnapps Distilleries

Schnapps is a type of liqueur made from fermented fruit and/or vegetables, grain and other local ingredients. Schnapps is often infused with herbs, spices and local botanicals. After schnapps are infused with flavors they are bottled, often times at a local distillery. Schnapps have been around for centuries and are still gaining popularity as an ingredient in craft cocktails. Most Schnapps range from 40-50% in ABV (alcohol by volume), which makes them strong enough to add a boost of flavor and sweetness to cocktails without overpowering it altogether. Popular drinks that require Schnapps include Jäger Bombs, Windex Shots, Boilermakers, and Melon Ball shots. When sipping on Schnapps on its own or even when mixed into a cocktail, one can expect to encounter some very unique and distinct flavors like fruity notes from cherries, mirabelles or apples; floral notes from elderflower or chamomile; spice flavors such as ginger; festive holiday flavors like pumpkin spice; classic refreshing minty varieties - the possibilities are endless! There truly are so many flavor options when it comes to exploring the wide world of Schnapps. Making your way through the vast variety of Schnapps can be an exercise in culinary exploration - we call it an endeavor not to be missed. When you are looking to try Schnapps or stock your bar, choose local, craft Schnapps made from a distillery found in our directory of over 2,000 distilleries in the US(and growing!) Drink local Schnapps, responsibly.