Alabama Distilleries

Are you ready to visit a new distillery in Alabama? Perhaps you have a goal to visit all of the Alabama distilleries this year. Here at Distillery Nearby, we have lists of every American distillery in every state so that you can discover new distilleries near you and learn more about them. It’s our goal to make distilleries near you easier to find and access so that you can enjoy the world of local distilling much more.

As you’ll see in our map view, Alabama distilleries are spread out across the state. This means that visiting all of them will require quite a bit of travel. However, for those interested in craft and local distilleries, visiting all of the Alabama distilleries would be a fun journey.

You’ll notice that there are Alabama distilleries in northern cities like Florence, Leighton, and Huntsville. Towards central Alabama, there are two Birmingham distilleries and locations in Jemison and Opelika. To the south, there are distilleries in Troy, Headland, Perdido, and Riverview. At the southernmost tip, you’ll find a distillery in Elberta, AL. You may find it easiest to break up your distillery trips and group the nearest ones together on a weekend.

Alabama distilleries also have a rich history. In fact, a Jack Daniels distillery used to operate in Birmingham, AL before prohibition in the 20s and 30s. You’ll find that Alabama’s distilling history makes it a great location for exploring craft distilling; there are also clubs that you can get involved in. Some of these clubs host tours and will visit more than one distillery over the course of the tour.

The craft distilling industry in Alabama will be fun for you to explore; just get your foot in the door with one of these awesome Alabama distilleries and start your journey today!

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