Alaska Distilleries

Ah, Alaska – the last frontier! Few places in America are as beautiful and visually stunning. America’s largest state offers much more than views, though; in fact, Alaska distilleries are some of the most passionate, committed distillers in the US. If you’re planning a trip to Alaska during the summer, you can’t miss visiting Alaska distilleries as part of your journey through this wonderful state.

Two of the Alaska distilleries you’ll want to visit are on the southeastern coastline, making them a bit more difficult to plan with the rest of your distillery touring. However, the distilleries in Juneau and Ketchikan are well worth the drive – if you have the time. If you need to make short work of as many distilleries as possible during a shorter trip, flying into Anchorage, AK is your best bet. There are four Alaska distilleries in and around Anchorage alone, making it easy to see a large number of distilleries in a short amount of time.

Plus, Fairbanks, AK also has three distilleries, and it’s only an hour-long flight (or six-and-a-half-hour drive) from Anchorage to Fairbanks. If you have the money to spare, traveling by plane is definitely the way to go in order to hit all of the Alaska distilleries. Due to how large the state is, this makes sense.

If you’re looking for a state that’s relatively new to craft distilling, Alaska distilleries are going to be your cup of tea. Alaska didn’t actually allow tours and tastings in distilleries until 2014! Another neat thing about most Alaska distilleries is that they source their grains locally – grains with shorter growing seasons that impart a unique flavor to their spirits.

Alaska is definitely a state to put at the top of your distillery tour roster. Come and see for yourself what Alaska distilleries have to offer!

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