Take the Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with The B-Line

Did you know that in 1964 Congress officially declared bourbon a “distinctive product” of the US? As a result, bourbon is “America’s Native Spirit,” and that’s just one of the reasons there are so many bourbon tours in the southeast part of the United States. At Distillerynearby.com, we know just how vital bourbon is to millions of Americans, and we are looking at how you can take the Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with the B-Line. As you see on the B-Line website, you can find your “sipping point” on this tour!

What is the B-Line?

It’s Kentucky’s self-guide bourbon tour. The five distilleries on the B-Line are also on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour. You’ll also find seven bourbon bars (all on the Best Bourbon Bars in America according to The Bourbon Review) and six bourbon-centric restaurants. You can hop off the B-Line at 18 stops throughout Covington, Newport, Independence, Sparta, Augusta, and Maysville, Kentucky.

Who is on the B-Line?

You can choose from any of the five distilleries:

  • Neely Family Distillery
  • Boone County Distilling, Co.
  • New Riff Distilling
  • The Old Pogue Distillery
  • Second Sight Spirits

You can go to one or go to them all! 

In addition, here are five of the seven bourbon-centric bars you can choose from, all in Covington, Kentucky:

  • The Globe Covington
  • Rich’s Proper Food and Drink
  • Wiseguy Lounge
  • Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar (aka OKBB)
  • Smoke Justis

The other two bars are:

  • Prohibition Bourbon Bar in Newport, Kentucky
  • Three Spirits Tavern in Bellevue, Kentucky

And if all those distilleries and bars make you hungry, you can hop off the B-Line at these restaurants in Covington, Kentucky:

  • Bouquet Restaurant
  • Libby’s
  • Southern Comfort
  • Coppin’s at the Hotel Covington

More culinary delights include:

  • The Purple Poulet in Newport, Kentucky
  • Beehive August Tavern in August, Kentucky

Kentucky is central to the bourbon industry, and you are precisely where you need to be on the B-Line. As a bonus, you can take another trip to the heart of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® right on the B-LineNow let’s look at each of the Northern Kentucky distilleries on the Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with the B-Line.

Neely Family Distillery in Sparta, Kentucky

The Neely family has been distilling and illegally bootlegging moonshine for 11 generations in the rolling hills of Kentucky. However, the year 2015 was the first time they did it legally. On your tour, you’ll learn more about their award-winning moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys.

They are devoted to maintaining the quality of their forefathers. The only difference between now and those days is now they are doing it legally. They are distilling daily, producing some of the best Kentucky bourbon whiskey in the world (or so the family says!).

They built their distillery by hand and made their spirits in the historic away with old family mash recipes, Kentucky limestone water, the Neely family yeast strand, pot stills, cypress fermenters, sweet mash, and the finest local grains.

Boone County Distilling Company in Florence, Kentucky

Their motto is “Made From Ghosts.” This was their nod to the past when William Snyder decided to buy a flour mill in 1833. Three years later, he operated a distillery along with the mill. Soon, his whiskey business was one of the largest in the country.  

Today, Boone County is making bourbon whiskey with a nod to the past. You can see the tradition, history, and local stories throughout the facility. There are even quotes from ancient diaries on the walls. For example, the copper pot still is still called “The Bear” after Snyder’s pet bear. Your tour ends with a tasting of white whiskey, straight bourbon, and bourbon cream. 

New Riff Distilling in Newport, Kentucky

The name says a lot about this distillery that was launched in 2014. They are proudly independent and family-owned. They are releasing their first bourbon later this year, as it has been aging for four years. 

You have several tours to choose from, and you can peek at all parts of the distillery on one. Tastings are also part of the tour, which is an anchor of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®. This distiller likes to say they created a “riff” on bourbon.

The Old Pogue Distillery in Maysville, Kentucky

Registered initially as distillery No. 3 in 1876, Old Pogue has a history dating to the Civil War. This is where pioneer distillers uncovered Indian corn and limestone water and learned how they could mix them for a mellow, distinguished flavor. 

Today, fifth and sixth-generation Pogues use the original recipes of their forefathers. Your tour at this craft distillery includes a look at the distillery’s copper pot and stainless steel column hills. You can also see the tasting room and historical memorabilia from the family.

Second Sight Spirits in Ludlow, Kentucky

This unique distillery started in 2015 and was named a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® in 2019. All tours include a tasting of their Oak Eye Kentucky Bourbon (and several other spirits). You’ll learn about their history and how they came from Las Vegas and were integral in Cirque to Soleil LOVE and others. In addition, you’ll unravel the “mysteries of distillation” and how they made their still.


Got questions? We’ll answer some of the most asked about the Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with the B-Line.

How do you get started on the B-Line?

You go to the B-Line Line Guide. On this web page, you can download the B-Line guide that shows you all the places you can go. Click on the distillery you’d like to visit. You’ll find a button to check in along with a phone number, website, map, and even a coupon. 

How long are the tours?

Each tour is unique, but most last about one and a half hours to two hours.

Do I need a reservation for one of the tours?

Yes, we recommend making an online reservation.

Are there promos?

Once you download your B-Line Line Guide, you’ll see that if you visit any two distilleries, two bars, and two restaurants on the B-Line, they’ll send you a free gift. Choose from a hat, T-shirt, engraved Glencairn glass, and more. 

Final Thoughts

The Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour with the B-Line consists of artisan crafters. This means you’ll take a deep dive into bourbon production. Your tours will give you behind-the-scenes access to everything bourbon. Do note that all distilleries are unique, so visiting these must-see destinations is definitely worth it. So, are you ready to hit the tour with the B-Line?

With our ultimate guide, you are ready to “take the B-Line” throughout northern Kentucky. Along with the distilleries, stop by some of the restaurants and bars, too, to get a whole experience. 

Heritage, history, and some modern bourbon-making are waiting. And as you work through bourbon country, don’t forget that at Distillerynearby.com, we are your ultimate online source for Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tours. It’s just a phone call or a click away!

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