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Country music fans know that the state of Tennessee has played a significant role in propagating the genre, but this is also home to the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Moreover, it’s a state that’s home to many excellent breweries, distilleries, and wineries. 

But what should travelers visiting the state of Tennessee do? Should they visit Nashville for its rich heritage in the performing arts? Nashville is always a good choice for music buffs that plan to visit the Johnny Cash Museum, the iconic National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM), and the Ryman Auditorium. And for enthusiasts of classical antiquity, there’s even a replica of the Parthenon located in Centennial Park. 

So yes, Nashville should be on everyone’s bucket list! However, travelers that prefer the taste of the finest whiskeys only have one choice. And that’s the city of Lynchburg — but calling it a city is a bit of a stretch considering it barely has 7,000 inhabitants. Thus, it feels more like a village, but that’s not necessarily a negative, especially for those immersing themselves in everything the Tennessee Whiskey Trail has to offer. 

But why is Lynchburg so important for Tennessee’s whiskey industry? Well, it’s home to Jack Daniels, probably the most prolific Tennessee whiskey brand and renowned globally. And that’s not all, since Jack Daniels has also shaped the history and culture of Lynchburg. There’s hardly an eatery, gift shop, or landmark in this city that doesn’t give homage to the famous whiskey brand. 

Therefore, travelers will have much to experience and explore along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail in Lynchburg. And with the help of one of the best tour groups in town — Whiskey Bent Tours — travelers will have a phenomenal time there.

What makes Whiskey Bent Tours such a good option?

Given the small-town feel of Lynchburg, it’s best to choose a tour group with a strong connection to the place. And given that Whiskey Bent Tours is a family-owned business with intimate knowledge of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, travelers have additional assurance that they’re dealing with a group tour that will reveal the authentic side of Lynchburg.

Furthermore, the tour guide — Kevin — is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. His deep knowledge of all the distilleries and landmarks in Lynchburg will make the trip far more enjoyable and memorable. Many travelers who booked a tour have commended his charm, wit, and great humor.

But a tour is a two-way street, and the tour guide can only go so far as to make the trip enjoyable. Local businesses and distilleries also play a crucial role in ensuring travelers feel at home in Lynchburg. Fortunately, all the business entities here are known for their exceptional southern hospitality. Most travelers should expect big warm smiles as they savor some of the finest whiskeys in the world.

Moreover, travelers should feel comfortable asking about the area, such as information about its best accommodations, eateries, and natural attractions. Once again, local business owners have no problem revealing Lynchburg’s finest establishments, locales, and hidden gems to out-of-town visitors.

What to expect from the Tennessee Whiskey Trail in Lynchburg?

Whiskey Bent Tours provides a tour van to shuttle travelers around notable attractions in Lynchburg. The tour group can also pick up travelers from other locations, such as Murfreesboro and Nashville. They operate from 9 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Saturday) and offer tours that will visit the following establishments:

  • Cascade Hollow Distilling (owned by George Dickel): Fans of George Dickel whiskeys will love visiting this particular distillery. The establishment features a visitor center and a tasting room, where visitors will taste the George Dickel Foundation Recipe No. 1 & No. 12 and Barrel Select. This tour lasts approximately an hour and costs $25 per person for those not visiting with the tour group.
  • Jack Daniel’s Distillery: Undoubtedly, the must-see distillery of this entire tour. Jack Daniel’s Distillery remains the prime attraction of Lynchburg, partly due to its reputation and brand recognition. However, it’s truly a magnificent distillery with a well-laid-out and organized interior. Those visiting the distillery alone should expect to pay between $20 – $100 depending on their tour choice (offered by Jack Daniel’s Distillery).
  • Southern Pride Distillery: This is a locally-owned distillery renowned for its moonshine and wide range of whiskeys. These include cinnamon, whiskey, double barrel whiskey, peach whiskey, white whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey. The establishment also has a dedicated tasting room and charges $5 per person for those not visiting as part of a tour group. 

Expect a memorable lunch break during the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

What makes the Tennessee Whiskey Trail in Lynchburg so much fun is that it’s not all about distilleries. After all, everyone’s bound to get hungry after all those whiskey tours and tastings. Luckily, Whiskey Bent Tours have seen to it that nobody in their tour group goes hungry, and have included the following eatery as part of their tour: 

  • Chuck’s Barrel House BBQ: This restaurant is an institution in Tennessee that’s renowned for its Grilled Cheese on Crack sandwich. But they’re also known for their delicious Full Rack of Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Smoked Sausage. Friendly service, tasty food, and reasonable prices are just a few things that travelers should expect from this fine establishment.


1. How much does Whiskey Bent Tours charge per tour?

Since they specialize primarily in custom tours, it’s best to check with them directly about prices.

2. Are they still in business?

Given the family-based structure of this tour group, they may not always be available to offer their services. They’re temporarily closed currently but contact them directly to confirm their availability. However, you can still visit all the above establishments independently, so a tour group is not essential if you want to go alone. 

3. Should I book an accommodation if I visit Lynchburg alone?

Lynchburg is a small place, and you’ll likely visit most of the notable distilleries in one day. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to book an accommodation when visiting only for a short duration. 

The Bottom Line

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail offers savvy travelers the opportunity to explore several of Tennessee’s most notable distilleries. And with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery as one of the primary locations, it’s well worth participating in this tour. Be sure to check in regularly at Distillery Nearby to learn about the hottest tours and tastings near you!

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