United States Bartenders’ Guild

United States Bartenders’ Guild

If you are a bartender or interested in becomming a bartender, then learn more about the United States Bartenders Guild. We love so much about bartending and mixology. There’s something about bars and restaurants that just bring people together. Communities are made through these kinds of establishments.

Neighborhoods welcome them with open arms and the hosts welcome guests to dine with them. 

The United States Bartenders’ Guild understands more than anybody how vital bartending can be to your community hub.

And they understand that if you want to grow professionally, you’ll need to support your community where you can. And that is why the USBG has 6 core values: Service, Integrity, Sharing, Knowledge, Tradition, and Camaraderie. 

If you would like to learn more about the USBG, who they are, their missions, and memberships, then keep on reading. 

A Little More About USBG

The USBG supports the development of bartenders’ experience and knowledge, understanding that the more they know, the more they can benefit their communities, and thus the more business they can bring in. 

The USBG is all about empowering bartenders and ensuring that they can reach their full potential and goals. The organization knows of all the struggles of bar-tending but also knows that it is a fulfilling and honorable career choice too.

This is why they are so dedicated to working with partners to ensure that members’ careers can be as enriched and advanced as possible. 

This is done through a variety of different methods. Peer-to-peer learning, service projects, expert instruction, and highly-anticipated cocktail competitions are just a few of the ways USBG encourages further development.

Not only this but you can also expect intimate seminars sponsored by internationally recognized brands and the ability to build new relationships and increase visibility with the very best bar talent spanning over more than 50 different cities. 

Why Should You Become A Member? 

For up-and-coming bartenders, the more appropriate question may be why would you not become a member?

The USBG has the ability to boost your career to new heights, allow you to meet some of the most knowledgeable people around, and learn a whole lot more about the career you’ve dedicated yourself to. 

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Let’s take a closer look at the member benefits of United States Bartenders Guild. 

  • Education & Career Development Tools – There are tons of super helpful resources available to members that are sure to help you advance your career. From blogs to videos to articles, you can hear loads of tips from the industry leaders themselves. 
  • Networking – The beauty of joining the organization is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who can engage in professional conversations. You never know the connections you can form that may help advance your career. 
  • Enrichment Travel – As a member of the USBG you’ll have the opportunity to travel to many different, new, and exciting places. And these kinds of experiences can be invaluable. From the Patrol distillery trip, Wild Turkey Behind the Barrel Program, the cocktail competitions, and more, you’ll be spoiled for travel choices. 
  • Conference Discounts – Members are invited to join the organization with their event series where multiple days will be filled with non-stop content. Those who are members will get a deep discount on tickets. 
  • Discounts For Accreditation Program – The Master Accreditation Program is one of the only internationally recognized industry standard accreditations available, and members will be able to apply for the program at a hefty discounted rate. 
  • Cocktail Competitions – There are several cocktail competitions and even cocktail world championships. Members can apply for these large-scale competitions and winning would do wonders for any career. The networking opportunities and visibility for outstanding performers are unmatched. 

Become A USBG Member 

If you decide that joining the USBG is the right choice for you, then you’ll also need to know a little more about the different memberships on offer. Currently, there are three types of memberships:

  • Hospitality Professional A hospitality professional will support the missions and works of the USBG primarily in the hospitality industry, typically as an employee or principal of a bar, restaurant, or hotel. Dues – $125
  • Associate An Associate will support the missions and works of the USGB primarily through an agency for companies based in consultation, media, or beverage supply or distribution. Associate memberships are designed for those with a commercial interest in the hospitality industry. Dues – $150
  • Enthusiast An Enthusiast member supports the missions and works of the USBG but does not earn a regular salary or income from the hospitality industry. This membership is for those seeking education on a personal enrichment basis. Dues – $150

Becoming A Guild List Member 

The Guild List is an online directory of USBG Partners and Vendors that can provide members with an opportunity to learn more about their services. 

  • Partner – USBG Platinum, Gold, and Silver partners are added to the Guild List as a benefit of their partnership. 
  • Vendor – Consultants, suppliers, etc. USBG members use these services and will look first to those who support the USBG. 
  • Guildhouse – When USBG members travel, they’ll often look for places to stop and have a drink, etc. Caterers can be listed as Guild houses and be recognized for their support. 

If you would like to become a guild list member for the USBG you can do so on their website where membership packages are further discussed. Group memberships typically come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 500 packages. 

Final Thoughts 

For bartenders and hospitality industry individuals alike, the USBG could not be more beneficial. There are so many resources and so many opportunities available that it is all but impossible not to make some new kinds of connections. 

And with connections comes growth. And growth is exactly what the USBG is all about. It hopes to advance all its members in their chosen fields and help them to reach their ultimate potential.

And to be honest, the memberships are worth it just for the cocktail competition alone. 

So, join the USBG today and become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

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