Why Drink Craft Spirits?

Do you love the idea of enjoying a unique drink with local ties, high quality ingredients, and exceptionally great taste? Well of course you do! It makes sense, right? And so does the craft spirits scene. Just like local wineries and craft breweries have gained the affection of the masses, so have craft distilleries. If the craft spirit scene is new to you, now is the time to get more familiar.

What is a Craft Spirit?

First let’s talk about what it means to be a craft spirit. While there is no exact definition of what a craft spirit is, most of these types of distilled liquors tend to come from smaller scale distilleries. Craft distillers care about where and how their products are distilled. It is about quality over quantity, which sets craft spirits apart from mass produced liquors.

Craft distilling is both an art and a science. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, photograph, or drink, art is created for others to enjoy. Each craft spirit is designed to offer a distinctive and thoughtfully made taste, a true liquid pleasure. This type of art relies heavily on the science of distilling. These crafters choose just the right ingredients in the right quantities blended in the right place with the right equipment. A recipe for palate pleasing success!

In addition to quality liquors, a craft distillery offers a different social experience. Picture yourself at a local bar ordering your friends a round of shots from a bottle of mass-produced whiskey. Now imagine yourself meeting friends in a quaint and classy space, savoring drinks while discussing the venue’s unique craft spirits.

It’s a whole different image, right? Craft distilleries have a special vibe that is certainly worth experiencing.

Why Does Drinking Local Matter?

In addition to giving special attention to production, craft distilleries use high quality local ingredients whenever possible. This is good for local business, and it gives consumers a sense of connection with the product. Purchasing craft spirits can instill pride for the community in which it is made. Shopping local feels comfortable and familiar. It feels like home. Who wouldn’t want to have that cozy at home feeling while sipping your favorite drink?

What Makes the Craft Spirit Scene Superior?

Speaking of favorites, why do some people prefer the craft distillery scene over the craft brewery scene? Perhaps it’s because the craft brewery scene has been around a while, and the craft spirits scene is a bit more modern. Or could it be about variety? A craft brew is a stand-alone drink, while a craft spirit can be sipped solo or mixed into a cocktail. Maybe the ambiance is a bit different, and craft distilleries offer a certain level of sophistication. The list of possible reasons could go on and on.

Ready, Set, Drink!

Still not sure if craft spirits are for you? Why not check out your local distillery and see (taste, smell, feel, and hear) for yourself. You may be the newest member of the craft spirits community. You may find yourself right at home.

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