Wyoming Distillers Guild

Wyoming Distillers Guild

The Wyoming Distillers Guild was founded back in 2015 and the main goal it has is to uplift the craft spirits community within the state of Wyoming.

The Wyoming Distillers Guild does this by working closely with those who are producing spirits within the state, as well as communicating with state agencies, partners from within the industry, as well as state legislators.

This group is specifically dedicated to the craft of distilling as well as the health of the community who partake in this activity.

The Wyoming Distillers Guild is the center for excellence in the industry within the state of Wyoming and is a part of discourse in the community as well as contributing to acts of philanthropy.

The members of the Wyoming Distillers Guild are proud of the unique relationship they have with smaller manufacturers from within the state. This is because some of the best spirits nationally are produced within Wyoming.

Proof of this can be seen in the award-winning spirits like whiskey, vodka, liquor, gin, as well as absinthe, all from within the state.

Because of the great level of skill put into this, the Wyoming Distillers Guild is dedicated to ensure that the distilleries within the state are both promoted and protected!

There are plenty of reasons to be interested in the Wyoming Distillers Guild, especially if you are planning to visit the state of Wyoming, or if you are a local!

The guild has information on all of the best local distilleries, so if this is something you are interested in knowing about, then getting in contact with them or using their resources is highly recommended.

And if you are a distiller from within Wyoming, then considering membership should be a priority.

If for any of the reasons above, or any other reasons, you want to contact the Wyoming Distillers Guild, you can find out more information about them in detail on their website, or you can contact their email being; wyomingdistillersguild@gmail.com, check out their Instagram (@wyodistillersguild) or their Facebook page (@wyomingdistillersguild). If you are interested in learning more about the Wyoming Distillers Guild, keep reading!

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

For the most important figures in the Wyoming Distillers Guild, this includes; Andrew Wason, who is the current President of the Wyoming Distillers Guild and is part of the Brush Creek Distillery that is located in Saratoga.

Then there is Natasha Pettinger who is the Vice President and represents Single Track Spirits from Cody. Travis Goodman is the Treasurer and represents Jackson Hole Still Works in Jackson Hole.

Chad Pollock represents Backwards Distilling in Casper, and Michelle Forster is the Executive Director of Wyoming Distillers Guild!

Membership Tiers

If you are interested in joining the Wyoming Distillers Guild, there are 3 different membership tiers that all have different perks.

The first one is the Voting Distillery Membership and the main benefit of this is voting rights for the board of directors as well as on key initiatives.

There are other benefits like access to discounts on events and merchandise, full promotion by the guild, as well as using the guilds channels to promote yourself, amongst other benefits. This tier has a $500 annual cost.

Then there is the Non-Voting Distillery Membership that has very similar perks to the previous tier, however, you of course do not get a say in any of the voting on initiatives, or similar issues. However, this means that you only have to pay $300 annual cost.

Finally, there is the Allied Trade Partner Membership that also costs $500 and this is a membership tier that is specifically for industry partners like consultants, suppliers, and insurance providers, as well as some community members as well.

This tier has more unique benefits that are less focused on promoting a distillery, but instead promoting as a trade partner.

Distillery Members

Distillery Members

Currently, the Wyoming Distillers Guild has 6 distillery members, we will go over them in alphabetical order. The first is Backwards Distilling Company who are well known for distilling and purveying small batches of amazing hand-crafted spirits.

If you want to visit, they are located in Casper WY with their location being 214 S. Wolcott Street. As well as their website which gives you more information, they also have a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page too!

Then there is Brush Creek Distillery, which can be found at The Farm in Bush Creek Saratoga. They are well known for the spirits they produce that are infused with “The True Spirit of the West.”.

If you want to find them their address is; 6065 Hwy 130, Saratoga, WY 82331, and they also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page!

Next is Jackson Hole Still Works being the only distillery in Jackson’s Hole producing local craft spirits. They have locally produced and small batch grain-to-bottle spirits.

They are located at 3940 South Eagle View Drive, Jackson, WY 83001. Furthermore, they can be contacted on their website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Then Koltiska Distillery is found in Sheridan and is known for their smooth liquor which has a strong sense of tradition found at 644 Crook St., Sheridan, WY 82801. You can contact them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Next, Single Tracks Spirits is well known for their hand-distilled copper pot still which is found in Cody WY and can be contacted on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

And finally, Whiskey the Wyoming Way is in Kirby Wyoming with their Facebook and Instagram pages!


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need on what the Wyoming Distillers Guild does and how you can get involved.

If you are a local distiller within the state, or connected to spirit production in some way, getting involved and even becoming a member of the Wyoming Distillers Guild is highly recommended.

And, if you are a tourist interested in learning about distilleries in the state, using their resources or attending their events is a great idea!

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