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Calling all distillery enthusiasts! If you’re in the Salt Lake City area, we have a perfect distillery for you to visit. Here at Dented Brick Distillery, you can experience a variety of spirits: gin, whiskey, vodka, and rum. We know you’ll have a great time exploring Dented Brick Distillery’s floor where they produce some of the best spirits around. Let’s take a look at what’s so special about Dented Brick Distillery.

When Was Dented Brick Distillery Opened?

This distillery opened up in 2016, making it a fairly new distillery. However, don’t let that dissuade you from visiting. Dented Brick Distillery has been pumping out amazing spirits since it opened. Every spirit is handcrafted – right down to the water that’s used – grain-to-glass.

Why “Dented Brick”?

According to the owners of this amazing, small-batch, craft distillery, the name “Dented Brick” was chosen in honor of a well-driller! This well-driller actually created the stunning, artesian well that the distillery uses to pull its water from. If that wasn’t cool enough, the very same well-driller was killed in a crazy gunfight – those bullets left dents in the bricks of his home. In fact, some of those bricks even made it into the construction of the distillery. Hence, the name “Dented Brick” Distillery!

Spirits Produced by Dented Brick Distillery

Since Dented Brick Distillery is under ten years old, you’re going to find spirits that don’t require long aging times – that’s just the name of the game. However, your taste buds won’t even mind; the spirits they have for tasting there are superb in their own right.

Roofraiser Vodka

The name of this vodka has a great story! Turns out, when Dented Brick Distillery brought their new column still into their distillery building, the roof was too low. In response to this, they quite literally “raised the roof” of their distillery. Rather than rebuilding the whole roof, they decided to just let the column extend through the roof and into the open air. Mineral-rich water, pumpernickel rye, and red winter wheat make this bottle extremely unique and unmatched. There are notes of steamed milk and butterscotch with a lemon zest and flan finish. This vodka is amazing in sweet cocktails.

Great Basin Bristlecone Gin

The same red winter wheat and pumpernickel rye are used in this hugely flavorful gin that are used in their Roofraiser Vodka. Again, that artesian well water is also used – so, you may notice some similarities between the vodka and gin! A secret blend of botanicals is used to give aromas of peppercorn, rose water, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and ginger. This is a spicy, bold gin that they say works well in cool-weather cocktails.

Antelope Island Rum

This rum comes in two varieties: clear and red. These rums are made from sugarcane juice and molasses sourced from Lula Farm in Louisiana. Then, again, the very same artesian well water is used in their handcrafted rum batches. Both rums are incredibly smooth with incredible complexity. Be sure to try them both!

Moon’s Best Whiskey

Dented Brick Distillery also handcrafts its very own whiskey: Moon’s Best 100% Rye Whiskey. Named after Utah’s first distiller, Hugh Moon, this beautiful, amber-colored whiskey has peppercorn and vanilla aromas, with notes like brown sugar, caramel, and honey. This whiskey finishes with smokiness and oak. Again, you’ll find that the well water from mountain runoff produces a unique flavor that you’re sure to love.

Cocktail Recipes Using Dented Brick Distillery’s Spirits

Whether you’re a fan of drinking your spirits near or in craft cocktails, Dented Brick Distillery’s spirits have an incredible depth of flavor that adds a punch to any mixed drink. From the Bristlecone Sour G&T to the Modest Stone Martini, you’re sure to find a scrumptious cocktail to call your new favorite! You can browse the full collection of delicious mixed drinks submitted on their website: Cocktail Recipes – Made With Dented Brick® Spirits

Where to Find Dented Brick Distillery’s Spirits

Dented Brick Distillery sends its spirits all over the country to places like Washington, California, and Florida. Check out their distribution map to see if there is a location near you where you can try out their spirits! Or, order from them online if you are in an area that can receive alcohol deliveries.

The Distillery Crew

The idea for Dented Brick Distillery was based on bringing a world-class distillery to one of America’s driest states: Utah. The crew is a “group of passionate friends” with a “lifelong love for spirits”. This distillery’s team prides itself on using locally-sourced ingredients where possible and they strive daily to produce spirits in responsible and sustainable ways.

Tours & Tastings

Tour Dented Brick Distillery Today!

Are you ready to stop in and tour Dented Brick Distillery, where they both distill and bottle their amazing spirits? Reserve your spot and schedule your tour and tasting with their distilling team. Tours with tastings are $20 per person and tastings only are $10 per person. Prices may change.

Private Events

Dented Brick Distillery also offers private events. Simply fill out their contact form or give them a call at  (801) 883-9837. Depending on what you’re looking for in an event, Dented Brick Distillery may be able to help you set something up.

Dented Brick Distillery Location & Directions

Their address is is 3100 S Washington St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115. To find directions from your location, check out our distillery page for Dented Brick Distillery!

Dented Brick Distillery Operating Hours

Dented Brick Distillery is open Tuesday through Friday from 12 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 1 pm to 10 pm. They are currently closed on Sundays and Mondays. Enjoy the tasting room and tours at Dented Brick Distillery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  So, what are you waiting for? Stop in a experience a unique environment and top rated craft spirits.

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Dented Brick Distillery 8 reviews

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8 reviews
  • Kat Cushman

    Wonderful Experience! Wow to the offerings! So smooth! Perfect for mixing

  • Sandy

    Wonderful tour from Danielle. It was very informative about the alcohol making process with a touch of Utah history tied into the story. The Antelope Island is my favorite spirit!

  • Leo Stanko

    A wonderful real-deal Salt Lake Utah distillery. Tours & store are excellent and fun! Dented Brick is a must tour & taste for your SLC visit!

  • Marc Christensen

    Great name story! The water source is truly unique. Makes for super clean and great tasting spirits.

  • Braeden

    Hands down the best distillery creating the finest quality spirits in the S.L.C. If you interested in a fun date idea, or a unique experience while in Utah, I recommend stopping by the distillery four a tour and a taste.

  • Judith Bravo

    I really enjoy moon’s best whisky. Great taste and quality.

  • Steve Stanko

    Dented Brick Distillery is exceptional. This is the best distillery in Utah providing superior craft spirits at the best value.


    I remember trying the vodka a few years back and now it’s all I drink. When I’m making cocktails. Very good stuff

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