Gin Distilleries

Gin is one of the most popular distilled spirits. Gin is made with juniper berries, local botanicals, and water. It's a spirit that's been around for centuries and can be found in cocktail bars all around the world. The flavor of gin varies due to local ingredients used by craft distillers. Generally, gin has a flavorful juniper berry taste with a mild yet slightly bitter aftertaste. Gin has an intense flavor and can make a memorable impression on your taste buds- and no, not all gin tastes like pine needles. Want to make the perfect martini or enjoy some local cocktails? Check out nearby distilleries to see if they offer gin varieties that you can experiment with in exciting drinks like Bee's Knees or The Last Word - both of which use gin as the base of their recipes. While vodka and gin are technically interchangeable in cocktails, personally it's best to stick to locally crafted gins for an unforgettable taste experience you'll keep coming back for again and again. Drink gin responsibly from a local distillery.