Distilleries In Memphis

Distilleries In Memphis

Chances are that if you’re planning your next trip to Memphis, Tennessee you want to take in some of the local distillery scene in the region.

Memphis is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, which is displayed by the delicious Southern cooking, welcoming atmosphere, and of course, being the hometown of the king of rock and roll – Elvis Presley.

There are also some amazing distilleries located within the city, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Some of these are extremely long standing establishments, whilst some and newer, and can offer some interesting experiences.

To find out everything there is to know about the distillery scene in Memphis, including some of our top picks, accessibility, and also the food and cultural scene, simply keep reading below.

The Top Distilleries In Memphis

So, why not just jump straight in and take a look at some of the very best distilleries in the region? Below, you’ll find some of our top picks.

Old Dominick Distillery

This is one of the largest distilleries in the whole of Memphis, and offers a wide range of different tasting experiences. They offer a full service bar, so that you can stop off for a drink there at the end of your tour.

The staff are renowned for their welcoming attitude, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the establishment or the distilling process.

Here, you will be able to sample a range of different distilled spirits, ranging from gin, to whiskey, to vodka.

It’s located in Front Street, which is regarded as one of the most exciting streets in the region, and has plenty of eateries and cocktail bars nearby.

B.R Distilling Company

This is one of the oldest distilling companies in the whole of Memphis, and has lots of amazing craft drinks you can enjoy.

There are two signature whiskeys sold by the company which have become popular across the US, and you can enjoy witnessing their origins.

They excli valley produce whiskey, so if this is a liquor that you have a passion for, we’d definitely recommend heading here.

The distillery is easy to access, and is next to a number of different restaurants, including the Black Betty, and Hot Wings Express.

Memphis Made Brewing Company

If you’re looking to visit a distillery that’s a little more modest, and has more of a ‘home-made’ feel, then we’d recommend that you visit the Memphis Made Brewing Company.

It produces lots of seasonal brews which change regularly. They are made from only the best ingredients, and by purchasing drinks from the bar here, or taking one of their guided tours, you can help to support a local business.

It’s located in a historical district of Memphis, in Cooper Street, where you can see a number of different monuments and the Museum Of Soul Music.

In the Midtown section of Memphis, you may encounter some traffic, so plan ahead to make sure you get there at a reasonable time.

The Culture And Food In Memphis

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Memphis is known as being the home of soul music. It’s responsible for producing a number of different musical genres, including gospel, rock and roll, blues, and country music.

It regularly holds festivals which honor the country’s musical heritage, and it is also known as a city which honors many different faiths.

A big part of the culture in Memphis is related to the cuisine. It’s known for good old fashioned, Southern cooking, and many of the eateries in the area have been established for many decades.

If you’re looking for some of the best places to eat in Memphis, we’d recommend that you stop off at Central BBQ.

This restaurant serves pulled pork, tender dry ribs, nachos, hot wings, and a memorable mac and cheese. The establishment is adorned with local memorabilia.

Another restaurant we’d recommend is the Restaurant Iris, which is known for its great seafood menu, which includes lobster knuckle sandwiches, and cheese stuffed shrimp.

Finally, we’d also recommend Gus’ World Famous Fried chicken, for some of the best fried dishes you’ve ever tried in your life.

Things To Do In Memphis And Monuments To See


Take a tour of the legendary home of singer Elvis Presley.

Beale Street

The most famous and bustling street in the entire city.

Stax Museum

This museum is home to Satellite Records, one of the most famous record companies in the world.

Memphis Zoo

Be sure to stop off at the iconic zoo, which has over 3500 animals in total.

The Peabody

The Peabody is regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels in America, so be sure to stop here for a drink.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Memphis is a cultural hubbub that’s full of interesting places to visit and monuments to see.

We’d recommend visiting the distilleries mentioned above during your visit, and sample some of the delicious liquors offered by the companies.

In addition to this, we’d also recommend stopping by some of the eateries mentioned above, which are home to some of the most delicious cuisine in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Memphis Best Known For?

Memphis is known for being the home of rock and roll, in addition to gospel, jazz, soul and rap.

What Are The Beliefs In Memphis?

Memphis is known for housing Judaism, Buddhism, Christian, Shinto, and Islamic Faiths.

What Is The Crime Rate In Memphis?

Memphis is known for having a particularly high crime rate, so make sure to always keep your belongings safe. The crime rate in Memphis escalated to 77.7 in recent years, with most of these being homicides.

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