Where to Find Barrels to Buy

Where to Find Barrels to Buy

Are you looking for barrels to buy for your distillery? Or, are you looking for barrels for home décor? While barrels usually hold whiskey, there are other uses for the prized whiskey barrel. In this article, we uncover where to find barrels to buy for your home or your distillery.

What Kind of Barrel Should I Buy?

This depends on whether you want to source home décor barrels or distillery barrels online. There are two different kinds of barrels – those that are for spirits and those that are for home décor. The new whiskey barrel is of a higher grade and the kind you would want for a whiskey distillery. The used barrel is a furniture and décor grade barrel.

Furniture and décor barrels are often retired barrels that at one time aged bourbon or whiskey. They are usually no longer refillable and have a rustic look many people love. Because U.S. whiskey laws require most types of American whiskeys to use new barrels, you’ll find a plethora of used barrels online for your home décor use.

Where to Buy Barrels

If you are looking for distillery-grade barrels, here are some reputable sources:

  • Find handcrafted barrels at GW Kent.
  • The Barrel Mill offers American White Oak staves – which are sustainably sourced and air-dried for up to two years. They are then individually molded, fire-bent, toasted, and charred to your specifications and sealed with local, organic beeswax.
  • Redhead Barrel offers many different sizes of barrels.
  • The Barrel Broker has unique, premium spirit barrels.
  • The Adirondack Barrel Cooperage has custom-made premium American White Oak barrels.

If you are looking for home décor grade barrels, you have many options:

  • Shop Midwest Barrel Company for retired whiskey barrels.
  • At Texoma Barrels, you’ll find many different sizes, shapes, and kinds of barrels, as well as already-made barrel furniture, such as chairs, planters, and fire pits.
  • Shop Aunt Molly’s Barrel products for once-used barrels, vintage barrels, and half barrels.
  • Find used tequila barrels at Northern Brewer.
  • Rock Town Distillery has used rye whiskey white oak barrels.
  • For new, short whiskey barrels for home décor, try Lowe’s.

Now, let’s look at some ways you can use barrels for decoration and not just for the whiskey they hold.

Create a Barrel Garden

If you’re into sustainable living, it’s a great idea to repurpose a whiskey barrel so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Whiskey barrels make a great spot for your container garden where you can plant both ornamental and edible plants. Here are a few suggestions for making your barrel garden successful.

  • Before you fill it with dirt and plants, put it where you want it. Once it’s filled with dirt, it will be too heavy to move.
  • Use a garden center mix for the best results and an organic fertilizer.
  • Drill holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • Fill it about ¾ the way to the top with dirt, then plant and add more dirt.
  • Be sure to add plants that need about the same amount of water and sun and grow well together.

Create a Barrel Pond

This water feature takes a little bit more skill than the planter, but you can do it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find a used whiskey barrel that’s been cut in half, or do it yourself.
  • Your barrel is probably already sealed if it held whiskey, but it’s always a good idea to add a thick plastic liner so it doesn’t leak.
  • Fill the barrel with water, or you can even let rainwater fill it.
  • Then, add some oxygenating water plants. This way, you don’t have to filter the water by adding a water pump.
  • You can even add a fish or two, but do talk to your local fish store about anything you need to do to care for the fish and the water.

Create a Barrel Trash Can

This is a great idea for your patio or deck and another way to practice sustainability at home. Look for an oak whiskey barrel and apply a waterproof sealer to both the inside and the outside. Then, you can add a trash can liner, and you’re ready to go.

If you are extra handy, you’ll want to cut off the top and add a hinge. This way, you can close the trashcan and keep animals and smells out.

Create a Barrel Table

If rustic décor is your thing, you can create a barrel table for inside or outside your home. It would look great as a small coffee table or end table by your sofa or your patio chairs.

Either purchase a barrel cut in half or do it yourself for a low table. If you have a need for a high table, you can leave it as is. Take it up a notch and have your local glass store cut you a round of table glass that is bigger than the barrel for extra space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barrels

Looking to expand your whiskey barrel knowledge? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What is a whiskey barrel used for?

People use barrels to store liquids like alcohol, water, and oil. Distillers use them to mature spirits such as whiskey, scotch, wine, cognac, beer, and more.

What’s another name for a whiskey barrel?

Sometimes you may hear it referred to as a hogshead or butt.

How long does a whiskey barrel last?

This depends greatly on how you take care of it. Generally, it can last eight to 10 years. The time frame varies if you are using your whiskey barrel at home for decoration, depending on weather conditions.

Final Thoughts on Buying Whiskey Barrels

Whether you are sourcing barrels online for distilling whiskey and spirits or simply using them for home décor, you are now ready to buy online. Now that you’ve solved this mystery of where to buy barrels, be sure to check out our website for more information on spirits and craft distilleries.

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