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7 Reasons You Should Experience a Distillery Tour

Do you know if there is a distillery near you? Have you been on a distillery tour before? If you’re a novice in the realm of distillery tour adventures, you’re missing out on some pretty incredible experiences. Today, we’ll share reasons to start exploring craft distilled spirits and broadening your craft cocktail horizons. There are countless benefits to consider, and these are just a few of them.

1. Introduce Yourself to New Craft Spirits

When you venture out to explore new craft distillery tours, you can introduce yourself to new and exciting spirit blends. Many of today’s distilleries produce several varieties and offer samples. And finding a new or new-to-you craft spirit can translate to new sipping favorites and new craft cocktail recipes.

2. Discover Historic Landmarks and Sites

There are hundreds of US distilleries out there. And many of these facilities are decades old. Some even date back to the 1800s. Find distillery tours that also happen to be historic buildings, landmarks, and sites. Step back in time, tasting monumental craft spirits and appreciating the historic relevance of the location. Here are just a few of the most historically relevant distillery tours to consider booking:

  • Buffalo Trace Distillery – Kentucky
  • Burks’ Distillery – Kentucky
  • Corsair Distillery – Kentucky
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery – Virginia
  • High West Distillery and Saloon – Utah
  • Jack Daniel’s Distillery – Tennessee
  • Montgomery Distillery – Montana
  • Old Prentice Four Roses Distillery – Kentucky
  • Tuthilltown Distillery – New York
  • Hangar 1 Distillery – California

3. Learn the Science Behind the Craft Distillery Process

Taking a distillery tour isn’t all about sipping craft spirits and new brews. Many of the guided tours will also feature behind-the-scenes peeks at the science behind distilling. Discover the interesting and mind-blowing science behind your favorite bourbons, gins, moonshines, and whiskey varieties. 

4. Experience New Craft Spirit Tasting Events

There are plenty of craft distillery tours that host a variety of other events. For example, some have classes and tasting events for sampling new or seasonal spirits. Look up “distilleries near me” at Distillery Nearby and check the calendars of events to find the next class, session, or tasting event to attend.

5. Support a Local, Often Small or Family-Owned Business

Another reason to partake in a craft distillery tour is the support you provide for a local, often family-owned business. Help small distillery businesses keep their doors open by visiting often and sharing your tour experiences online. Enjoy craft spirits straight from the source and promote the continued success of your neighborhood distillery at the same time!

6. Experience More Than One Craft Spirit on a Distillery Trail

Some craft distillery tours are located at one distillery, responsible for crafting one menu of spirits. But you can broaden your horizons and experience several distillery tours and a host of different craft spirits when you book a tour on one of the US distillery trails! A trail tour adventure usually includes several distillery visits in one tour, allowing you to see more, learn more, and, of course, taste more! Here are just a few of the most iconic distillery trail adventures to add to your bucket list:

  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Includes Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Wild Turkey
  • Texas Whiskey Trail: Includes Balcones Distilling and Garrison Brothers Distillery
  • Napa Valley Wine & Spirits Trail: Includes wineries and distilleries
  • Tennessee Whiskey Trail: Includes Jack Daniel’s, George Dickel, and Cascade Hollow
  • Michigan Craft Distillers Association Trail: Includes gin, whiskey, and brandy distilleries
  • Oregon Spirit Trail: Includes gin, whiskey, and brandy distilleries

7. Celebrate with Friends Over a Craft Cocktail

Sometimes, you and your circle of friends need something new and different to do. Hanging out at someone’s house or heading up to the same bar establishment all the time could get mundane. Instead, round up your friends and family and schedule a distillery tour! You can change things up while you sample incredible craft spirits and try new craft cocktails! It could be just the change of scenery your group needs!

FAQs About Distillery Tour Exploring

Whether you’re a distillery tour novice or a craft spirit tour aficionado, you might find insights in these common FAQs about distillery tour exploration.

What happens on a distillery tour?

Every distillery tour is unique. However, most include a walkthrough of the facility, with a guide who explains the distilling process. You’ll likely see fermentation tanks, whisky barrels, and all the ingredients that make up your favorite craft spirits. Once the tour is finished, most distilleries invite guests to a tasting room, in-house store, or lounge area for continued spirit enjoyment.

What should I bring on my craft distillery tour?

To prepare for your craft distillery tour, be sure to bring your identification since most tours require proof of age. Bring your camera, especially if your tour is in a scenic or historic place. Bring bottled water to stay hydrated on hot days and to stay hydrated as you sample spirits. And bring some cash so you can hit up the gift shops or brand stores and take home your new favorite spirits.

What’s appropriate to wear on a distillery tour?

It’s recommended that distillery tour guests wear comfortable and seasonally appropriate clothing. Walking through the distillery could mean getting a little dirty, and outdoor portions of the tour could subject you to current weather conditions. It’s also a good idea to wear closed-toed shoes.

Which state has the most distilleries?

Based on 2021 statistics, there are 11 US states that are home to more than 50 distilleries each. California is reported to have the most, with 104 distilleries. Texas comes in as a close second with 103 distilleries. But don’t discount Kentucky, with 95 distilleries, including the oldest in the country – Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Now that you know all the reasons and benefits of attending a craft distillery tour, get out there and start exploring! And always rely on Distillery Nearby as your guide to find distillery tours near you and as your go-to resource for all the craft spirits insights you need to be a true craft cocktail enthusiast.

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