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Check Off All the Distillery Tours with This Tennessee Spirits Guide

Memphis. Nashville. Chattanooga. The Smokies. Tennessee is a state that picks you up, shakes you around, and puts you down in a better place than you used to be. Chris Stapleton co-wrote over six country songs that climbed to number one on the Billboard Chart. He was born in Kentucky but wrote a song called Tennessee Whisky. Why? Because it can be so smooth. This ultimate guide to distillery tours in Tennessee travels to different parts of the state that is home to Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll. The Smokies are an iconic space to learn about whiskey. Let us begin there with a laidback distillery tour in Tennessee

Ole Smoky Distillery

Ole Smoky Distillery has its roots in the simple stills of the Smoky Mountains, and they unabashedly tell us that their Old Smoky Tennessee Blended Whiskey is perfect when blended with coke. Why not?

As you taste your way through this spirited distillery tour, you may be surprised at the breadth of flavors of Old Smoky Whiskey. Mango Habanero, Salty Watermelon, Peanut Butter, Tiramisu, and Banana are but a few of the innovative whiskies on offer. 

The Smokies bring moonshine to mind, and you’ve just got to taste the Original Ole Smoky Moonshine at 100 proof. Should the starkness of this fine moonshine leave you yearning for flavor, Ole Smokey has got you covered. You may be partial to the Strawberry Mango Margarita Moonshine or the Blackberry Moonshine, but if you are feeling adventurous, we recommend the Blue Flame Moonshine at 128 proof – tread carefully.

Ole Smoky has four distilleries, Holler and Barrelhouse in Gatlinburg in the Smokies, Barn in Pigeon Forge, and 6th and Peabody in Nashville. All are considered among the best distilleries in Tennessee, and no reservations are required for tours. The merchandise is expansive, from Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly to the Moonshine Solar Powered Gnome to the Salty Watermelon Soy Candle. 

Everyone hates to leave the Smoky Mountains, including us. Let’s drop into Junction 35 Spirits before we take our leave. Take note of the culinary offerings after this grand distillery tour in Tennessee. 

Junction 35 Spirits

Junction 35 Spirits is the first distillery in Gatlinburg to have its own restaurant: Start with the Fried Green Tomatoes, move on to a Strawberry Fields Salad, and then lose yourself in a Fullsteam Burger – it has four beef patties. 

Before enjoying your meal, you will experience one of the best distillery tours in Nashville, tasting a variety of spirits: whiskey, rum, moonshine, vodka, gin, and tequila. We suggest you focus on the whiskey for this craft distillery tour in Tennessee. 

The Junction 35 Straight Bourbon Whiskey is brewed in small batches and is a pleasing copper/dark gold color. This award-winning whiskey is exceptionally smooth with a hint of caramel, peppercorn, and smoky tobacco. A second standout whiskey is Junction 35’s Tennessee Whiskey; splash a shot on ice and sip. Serene. 

The friendly folks behind Junction 35 Straight invite you to drop in and check their schedule for their open hours. As the great Paul Simon sang, “We’re going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee…” – well, to Memphis. 

The Old Dominick Distillery

The Old Dominick Distillery is the place to be on May 30th, or National Mint Julep Day. Why? The Huling Station Straight Bourbon bottled at 100 proof at The Old Dominic, is an excellent base for this distinctly Southern cocktail. Naturally, you can sit on a comfortable stool at the striking, modern bar and have this sought-after cocktail any day of the year. 

The Old Dominick Distillery tour is one of the best in Tennessee, focusing on its history, which begins in 1843 with the birth of the Domenico Canal in Italy. The distillery’s smooth products, from Honeybell Citrus Vodka to Formula No. 10 Gin, are delicious straight over ice or in a cooling cocktail. You can book your tour and tasting online. Be sure to pick up a reasonably priced Dominick tee.

The Jack Daniel Distillery 

The Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg puts on what may be the most impressive distillery tours in Tennessee: You can choose among four experiences. The Angel’s Share Tour focuses on the Jack Daniel Single Barrel collection, offering several tastings of this fine whiskey. The Flight of Jack Daniel’s features a visit to the George Green Barrel House, where you will taste five fine products. If you are into listening to well-told stories, The Dry Country tour may be for you. (Fear not; the tour is not dry.) Finally, The Bonded Tour offers a taste of two of the distillery’s newest products, Jack Daniels Bonded Whiskey and Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey, and tickets cost seventy-five dollars.

The folks at The Jack Daniel Distillery know how to impress customers seeking the best distillery tours in Tennessee. This ultimate guide to the best distilleries in Tennessee ranks these tours as essential for serious whiskey drinkers. 

Let’s head to Short Mountain Road in Woodbury, Tennessee. 

Short Mountain Distillery

The Short Mountain Distillery is on a working farm. You will take a deep breath as a deep relaxation flows through your body. And this is before you sip some Green Thumb Organic Tennessee Whiskey – or perhaps some Charred Shine.  

Short Mountain is mighty proud of its small-batch Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey, and it should be. A splash over ice is heavenly in this pastoral space. We recommend you sit on the porch and order some French fries, which are “seasoned better than your Momma’s.” The greens and herbs in the salads come from the fields and taste like they do.

You can book a tour online. We highly recommend the mule ride as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Jack Daniel’s Tour looks great. It is more expensive than other tours. Do they give refunds if you have to cancel your booking?

If you cancel 24 hours or more before your tour is scheduled to begin, you receive a full refund.

2.  I’d like to make a day trip to Ole Smoky Distillery. Are there any vegetarian restaurants in the area?

Tennessee Jeds offers vegetarian and vegan options, like its spicy tofu burger.

3. Where can I drink some original Tennessee whisky? 

Why not head to The Old Dominick Distillery? They know their whisky’s history, and you can taste the real stuff. 

Tennessee is a fabulous place to taste whiskey and learn about how it is created, but other states should be on your wish list too. You can find them at Distillery Nearby.

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