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11 Wells Distillery Spotlight

11 Wells Distillery is a Minnesota gem located in the heart of East Saint Paul. Here, you’ll find an unmatched dedication to crafting delicious, 100% local spirits like whiskey, rum, and gin. Let’s take a look at what makes this distillery special; we’ll also highlight the most popular 11 Wells Spirits.

When Did 11 Wells Distillery Open?

This Minnesotan distillery opened its doors for the first time in 2013. Since then, they’ve created a local and national name for themselves – this is due, in part, to their superior dedication to crafting the best spirits they possibly can.

11 Wells’ Ties to Local History

Their distillery is tied directly to the historic “Hamm’s Brewery” site and even honors their legacy. Hamm’s Brewery originally had eleven on-site wells that they used to craft their products. To this day, 11 Wells uses their own (new) on-site well to provide water for their spirits. The Hamm’s Brewery site is massive, and 11 Wells Distillery is located “in the old Blacksmith and Millwright Shop buildings.”

What Else Makes 11 Wells Special?

Prohibition’s over. Never run dry.” – 11 Wells Distillery

In 2018, 11 Wells Distillery opened its cocktail room – a critical part of any local distillery’s operations! Especially as the craft spirit craze has been kicking off, this was a great business move. Cocktail rooms allow locals and tourists to come in and taste 11 Wells Spirits, either in cocktails or neat.

But that’s not the only allure of 11 Wells’ cocktail room. In keeping with the local heritage, the cocktail room is located in the historic Hamm’s building. They offer more than 20 cocktails and drinks, all made with their house spirits and other ingredients. At the 11 Wells cocktail room, you can try different spirits or just hang out with your friends!

11 Wells Spirits: What Do They Have?

This Minnesota Distillery has a good variety of spirits. You can see all of them for yourself here, since offerings may change over time. Currently, they have four whiskeys (Bourbon, Minnesota 13, Rye, and Single Malt), one vodka (Borlaug), two rums (Boiler Room and Maelstrom), and five liqueurs (Allspice, Coffee, Dry Wermut, Ginger, and Orange Curacao). We’ll go into more detail with their more popular spirits here for you:

Minnesota 13 Barrel Aged Whiskey

This whiskey has a really unique tasting profile. It has a mix of sweet and savory notes, with a distinctive palate: freshly-shaved pencil and dark cocoa powder. Even though it has a complex, robust, and divisive taste, it’s still great for those looking for something out of the ordinary or 100% local to Minnesota.

11 Wells Single Malt Whiskey

Some sources say that this was Minnesota’s first American single malt. Regardless, this spirit was part of the Prototype Series, a lineup based on feedback-driven improvement. Reviewers described it as “heavily peated,” similar to Islay malts. We recommend this one to those interested in American single malts or seeking to compare with others.

11 Wells Bourbon Whiskey

This whiskey is 59% corn, 39% wheat, and 10% barley, and it offers a unique taste profile. Upon sipping, you’ll notice the char of the barrel along with toffee and caramel flavors. This is all really well balanced by the corn’s sweetness and the sideline contributions of malt, rye, and wheat. Each bottle is distinguished by a 13-digit serial number that details every step of their whiskey-making process. Each batch can be vastly different, so this serial number is important in picking your bottles.

11 Wells also offers a variety of other spirits, but their whiskeys seem to be the most popular offerings. In the cocktail room, they use many of their liqueurs and clear spirits to craft some unique cocktails, so don’t miss out on that if you’re in the area.

Where Can You Find 11 Wells Spirits?

Aside from purchasing directly from their distillery, there are limited places where you can find 11 Wells Spirits. Based on their website, they distribute their products to Minnesota’s Vinucopia, California’s LibDib, and Kansas City’s Aspect Beverage. You may occasionally see older bottles for resale on other sites, but nationwide distribution seems limited at this time. 

11 Wells Is a Dog-Friendly Minnesota Distillery

On their website, they state that their cocktail room’s outdoor patio is “dog-friendly.” The patio, however, is seasonal. We recommend you contact them before visiting with your pup, just to make sure you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind.

Location & Contact

The cocktail room is located at 704 Minnehaha Ave E. St. Paul, MN 55106. They’re open from 5pm-10pm Tuesday to Friday, 3pm-10pm on Saturday, and 11am-7pm on Sunday. 11 Wells Distillery’s phone number is (651) 771-1875. Contact them for more information or with any questions you may have.

Events & Tours

Looking for a special experience? That’s what we do.” – 11 Wells

You can book a wide variety of events & tours at 11 Wells Distillery. According to their website, you can book the whole cocktail room for a private event or reserve their event space for a party or gathering. They offer their space for whatever you need, but for parties of ten or more, they ask for at least 24 hours of warning before showing up.

Through their tours, you’ll learn about the history of the site and how they distill their products. During an 11 Wells tour, you’ll see the whole process from grain to glass, then sample some of the products during a tasting. To schedule a group tour & tasting combo, they ask you to email them directly.

Visit 11 Wells Distillery Today!

11 Wells Distillery obviously stands out for its connection and commitment to local history. They’re also incredibly dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients, right down to on-site well water. 

Whether you’re looking for a local watering hole or itching to purchase some local booze on your next trip into Minnesota, 11 Wells offers a fun, bright experience that is not only a nod to the past but also a toast to the future of craft distillation in Minnesota. Enjoy!

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704 Minnehaha Avenue East, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106, United States


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