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Loon Liquors: Distillery Spotlight

Minnesota is full of distillery gems, and Loon Liquors is certainly no exception. Located in Northfield, this distillery is relatively new to the scene, but they definitely don’t let that slow them down. They’ve been producing quality, organic spirits that have won and continue to win awards. Let’s take a look at this distillery and what makes it such a fun destination.

Loon Liquors: A Summary

Loon Liquors Distillery, established in 2011 in Northfield, Minnesota, is renowned for its organic, locally sourced spirits, including award-winning gin and whiskey. Co-founders Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller focus on environmentally conscious production methods and a dedication to craft spirits. The distillery also features a cocktail room offering a variety of in-house made organic craft cocktails, embodying their commitment to quality and community engagement​​​​​​.

The History of Loon Liquors Distillery

Loon Liquors Distillery, established in 2011 in Northfield, Minnesota, by friends Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller, began its journey with a vision to craft organic spirits. The distillery’s name, inspired by Minnesota’s state bird, reflects a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and local heritage. 

Loon Liquors quickly gained recognition for their high-quality, award-winning gin and whiskey, emphasizing the use of locally sourced, organic ingredients. The distillery’s connection to the community is further strengthened by its ties to local history, particularly through the figure of Charles Augustus Wheaton, a local hero and advocate for women’s rights and anti-slavery​.

What Makes Loon Liquors Special?

Loon Liquors has an intense dedication to producing high-quality, certified organic spirits using locally-sourced ingredients. This demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The distillery stands out for its innovative approach, including the meticulous research and development of each spirit, making each and every one of their spirits superb! 

What’s Their Distillation Process Like?

Loon Liquors’ distillation process is distinct in its dedication to creating spirits completely from scratch, using organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Notably, they use organic Midwestern wheat and barley, emphasizing their commitment to quality and local sourcing. 

After distillation, the used grain is provided to nearby farms for cattle and hog feed, showcasing their efforts in sustainability and waste reduction. This approach not only highlights their environmental consciousness but also creates a cycle of resource utilization! 

Furthermore, their focus on the selection of raw materials ensures that each of their spirits has superior taste and quality. This makes their distilling method both unique and environmentally responsible​​​​.

What Are Some Stand-Out Spirits They Distill?

Loon Liquors distills many different spirits, but here are a few of the ones they’ve highlighted on their website!

Loonman Vodka

Loonman Vodka is a small-batch, organic vodka made from a 50/50 blend of wheat and barley. Triple distilled in a 10-plate copper still and filtered through coconut and birch charcoal, this vodka features a light and airy nose with hints of vanilla, cocoa bean, and almond, leading to a medium-bodied palate with peppery complexity and a clean, velvety cream finish​​.

Loonman Rum

This one is a white rum agricole that combines 90% Brazilian sugar cane and 10% blackstrap molasses in its mash bill. Utilizing apple cider yeast for fermentation, it offers a unique tropical complexity. Distilled through both pot and 10-plate column stills, Loonman Rum delivers a blend of character and sweetness, with a taste profile featuring tropical fruit, turbinado sugar, creme brulee, mineral-rich caramel, coconut, and wood, leading to a dry finish of apples, butter, and vanilla​​.

Loonman Aquavit

Their aquavit is a unique wheat and barley-based spirit flavored with dill and caraway. The botanicals, including caraway, fresh dill, and a blend of other organic ingredients like star anise and lemon peel, are both macerated and vapor-infused before being triple distilled in a 10-plate copper still. This process results in a flavor profile that is rich in spicy caraway, herbaceous dill, and bright citrus, complemented by earthy cumin and floral coriander, leading to an elegant, silky mouthfeel with a refreshing and medium finish​​.

The Loon Liquors Distillery Team:

The Loon Liquors Distillery team is led by co-founders Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller. 

Rossi, the distiller and mixologist of the team, brings a palate finely tuned to crafting unique and flavorful spirits. His background in brewing and liqueur-making, coupled with a keen interest in environmental sustainability, plays a crucial role in shaping the distillery’s products and ethos. 

Schiller, on the other hand, focuses on the marketing and financial aspects of the business. He brings his marketing and entrepreneurship education to the table. Together, they form the heart of Loon Liquors and drive the distillery’s commitment to producing high-quality, organic spirits​​.

Events, Classes, and Tasting Offerings

Loon Liquors Distillery offers a unique experience in their cocktail room, where guests can enjoy a variety of craft cocktails made with their in-house, organic spirits. This space not only serves as a place to savor their distinctive drinks but also provides a cozy environment complete with a selection of board games. It’s an inviting atmosphere for both relaxation and exploration of their crafted spirits​​.

As far as events and classes are concerned, we recommend checking out their website and social media to learn more about their specific offerings when you’re looking to visit them in Northfield, MN.

Location & Operating Hours

Loon Liquors Distillery is located at 1325 Armstrong Rd Ste 165, Northfield, MN 55057. 

Their operating hours are Thursday to Friday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Saturday from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm​​. Be sure to double check their hours before visiting if you’re going to be there around any holidays or local events!

If you can’t visit them because you live too far away, they do deliver their spirits to the following states: CA, DC, FL, ID, LA, NV, OR, WV, and WY. 

Visit Loon Liquors Today!

As you can see, Loon Liquors Distillery is a northern gem that you definitely need to visit if you’re ever in Minnesota. Their dedication to sustainability and supporting local animal farms sets them apart from other local distilleries. We encourage you to make this a stop on your tour of Minnesota’s amazing distilleries!

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