Connecticut Spirits Trail

Connecticut Spirits Trail

When visiting Connecticut you may think that while it is such a large state, there isn’t much to do. Well, you would be wrong. Right next door to both Rhode Island and New York, there is plenty to be done in this New England state. All you have to do is look. The Connecticut Spirits Trail is known nationwide and it is something to marvel at.

In this article, we explain what the Connecticut Spirits Trail is, what it requires, and how you can do it this summer! If you love trying out new craft spirits from all over the country, then you have to embark on the Connecticut Spirits Trail.

Join us and discover how you could spend your summer in Connecticut!

What Is The Connecticut Spirits Trail?

The Connecticut Spirits Trail is made up of high-quality craft spirits producers from all across the state who make liqueurs, Eau-de-vies, and other specialty drinks in addition to clear spirits like gins, vodkas, and moonshines.

They make as much use as they can of agricultural products growing nearby. The Connecticut Spirits Trail allows you to get to know the face behind the spirit.

You can take tours of the distilleries, get to know the people that make them, try some out, and even take some home! The trail began in 2016 and has become one of the most popular activities among adult visitors to the state.

The Connecticut Spirits Guild

Members of the Trail and other CT spirits producers make up the industry-focused CT Spirits Guild. The Guild works together, takes into account legislative concerns, and takes part in CT’s three-tiered alcohol distribution system in a way that benefits all of its members.

The guild keeps an eye on trends both domestically and abroad to make sure that they are always operating at the forefront of consumer trends, product development, and retail dynamics.

Where To Start

The Connecticut Spirits Trail Map or Passport is essential for completing the entire trail. This is your proof that you complete the trail and automatically enter you into the biannual contest. But where do you start…

There are 11 distilleries included within the Connecticut Spirits Guild, each of which can be attended in their own order. However, we highly recommend coming from the West and beginning at Fifth State Distillery in Bridgeport.

Follow the trail around the state of Connecticut, finishing at Maple Lane Spirits in Preston. This route will allow you to explore the state of Connecticut and see what they have to offer.

Distilleries Included

Since 2016, there have been 11 distilleries included within the Connecticut Spirits Trail. With hopes to expand as the popularity of Connecticut craft spirits continues to grow.

The Original 11 Distilleries Are

Over the years a few more distilleries have made the leap to join the Connecticut Spirits Trail in order to spread the word about their products and to drill up more business.

Some Of The Latest Additions To The CT Spirits Trail Are

Where you can take a tour, try some of their delicious products, and even take some home with you.

How Long Can It Take?

Connecticut is a rather large state spanning 5018 square miles. So, the Connecticut Spirits Trail is definitely going to take more than a day to complete.Thousands of Americans and people from all over the world rush to complete the Connecticut Spirits Trail each year.

Some take the entire summer to enjoy every second of it, while others only road trip for a week and make the most of the time they have.With over 15 distilleries to visit along the trail, it is recommended to take at least 2 weeks to complete.

This allows you to explore the state while visiting each distillery and completing the tours and tastings. However, it can also be stretched to around 4 weeks if you plan to spend more time in Connecticut and surrounding states.

Connecticut State Fees & Licenses

The Connecticut Spirits Trail works in collaboration with the CT Guild. The CT Guild works to ensure its members are up to date with the latest legislation and licenses required by the state.

There are various licenses and permits required in order to open and operate a distillery in Connecticut. Including a Manufacturer Permit.

A manufacturer permit enables the production of alcoholic beverages as well as the storage, bottling, wholesale distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages produced or bottled to permittees in this state and outside of it, as permitted by law.

However, no such permit shall be issued unless the Department of Consumer Protection has approved the location or the plan of the location of manufacture.

A liquor license can cost between $1450- $5000 depending on the type of liquor being distilled and the size of the operation.

Liquor manufacturers must have an approved federal permit and a state permit from the Department of Consumer Protection in order to operate and sell products in the state of Connecticut.

Failing to do so can result in the termination of the distillery’s operation, the loss of any obtained licenses, fines, and possible jail sentences.

Final Thoughts

Looking for something unique to do this summer? Plan a road trip following the Connecticut Spirits Trail. If you are over 21 years of age, this is a great way to see a rather unusual part of the country.

The Connecticut Spirits Trail will take you across the entire state while showing you some of its coolest distilleries. Take a tour and see how their products are made from scratch and even try some out for yourself.

You may even find a new favorite!

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