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West Virginia Distillers Guild

The West Virginia Distiller’s Guild is a mystery. If you look online, you can see whispers about their website domain all the way back in 2015, while it seems like the last change on their website was made in 2018.

Years have passed since these events, and yet the website still looks like it’s going through the construction phase.

So the question remains – does the West Virginia Distillers Guild actually exist?

The Website

Looking at the website, all but 2 pages have what looks like Latin scripture. Those in the website business know that “Lorem ipsum” is “dummy text”.

It’s a random piece of text used to help website makers understand how content will look on their platform.

It’s meant to be removed, and replaced with real information.

The two pages that actually have information are about the distilleries in the guild and some questions the guild has already received.

We will break down everything we can find, so their confusing website makes a little more sense.

Upcoming Events

There are none. The West Virginia Distillers Guild has never had events and has none lined up for the future. However, their members do have events so, scroll down to find out more.

The West Virginia Distillers Guild’s Purpose

The WVDG is meant to be a collection of distilleries in the area, all banding together to help with the changing legal system, and to create a community.

They make a big deal about talking to their board and “performing acts” that best suit the guild (including boycotting services and controlling products being sold), but nothing is explicitly stated.

The guild is meant to be a non-profit organization, composed of West Virginia members and non-West Virginia members.

Is The West Virginia Distiller’s Guild Real?

There is no mention of the guild in any other distillery organization across the US or on the recorded guilds list.

There is no way to sign up for the guild nor is there a cost of membership yet.

In their own words “…. we’re still trying to figure that out. We’ll keep ya posted.” But the last post added to the website was in 2018. So, no we don’t think this guild is real.

So the next questions are the members real? Let’s take a look.

The West Virginia Distillers Guild Members

Black Draft Family Farm & Distillery

The Black Draft Family Farm & Distillery holds around 60 acres of farmland surrounding Martinsburg. They were first founded in 2014, and are open from 4pm to 9pm most days.

Where To Find Them

The Black Draft Distillery’s address is:

Black Draft Distillery
2878 Dry Run Road
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25403

And you can contact the team on:

phone: 540-686-0100
main email: blackdraftdistillery@gmail.com
events email: blackdraftevents@gmail.com

What Do They Sell

Black Draft offers tours and tastings, and custom barrels perfect for weddings or clubs!

This distillery is more of an event space than a mass-produced beverage.


Because Black Draft focuses on events more than anything else, you can always find something to do every month. Click on their main webpage to find more information.

Devil’s Due Distillery

West Virginia Distillers Guild

Devil’s Due Distillery is a local store that sells aged whiskeys created in the area. They don’t have a website but you can follow the team through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

You cannot buy their products anywhere but their stores, so if you are in the Kearneysville area, make sure to say hello.

Where To Find Them

The Devil’s Due Distrillery’s address is:

315 James Burr Blvd,
Kearneysville, WV,
United States,

And their phone number is: +1 681-252-1246

Hatfield & McCoy

Hatfield & McCoy is a historical white corn whiskey distillery, which uses the streams once dominated by these two families.

The company brings back the stories of the feuding families and connects them back to the land.

Where To Find Them

97 James Ave, Gilbert
West Virginia 25621
(304) 664-2821
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm

What They Sell

Hatfield & McCoy only sells their moonshine at their distillery shop, however, they can make deliveries to retailers.

Their other prized selling points come from their tours and merchandise which both include the story and history of their brand’s namesake.

Forks Of Cheat Distillery

Forks is another local distillery that doesn’t have its own website. They make Appalachian-style spirits which they sell to locals and those who visit their bars.

You can find them on Facebook, but the team doesn’t post often.

Their most loved spirits are:

  • White and Amber Rum
  • Barrel-Aged Apple Jack Brandy
  • Grappa
  • Apple Pie Moonshine

Appalachian Moonshine

Appalachian Moonshine sells moonshine, whiskey, and bourbon. Their aim is to make their beverages in as natural a way as possible.

This means no added sugars, colors, or unnecessary ingredients.

This company creates an authentic and local approach to distilling.

You can buy their bottle online or in-store. Click here to browse through the online shop.

Where To Find Them

3875 Cedar Lakes Drive,

Smooth Ambler

Smooth Ambler has three types of whiskeys on sale. Their Contradiction collection, the Old Scout collection, and the Founders’ CSS collection.

You can either buy their bottles online or find where they sell near you. Simply click here to start the process.

What makes Smooth Ambler special is their dedication to beauty, high-quality produce, and handmade bottle making.

Smooth Ambler prefers to do their business the old-fashioned way and appreciates the craft more than the sale.

Final Thoughts

The West Virginia Distillers Guild no longer seems active, even if it once was. But the members that joined the guild are certainly real.

Some sell their bottles or barrels online, while others keep their produce for locals only. Either way, if you’re in West Virginia, travel around these areas for a whiskey tour.

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