Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

Distilleries have fast become a booming industry in the states.

There are now thought to be over 2,000 distilleries in the country, and although some states have more than others, interest in the industry continues to grow, as does tourism.

Missouri is just one US state with a booming distillery industry, and the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild is one of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the state aiming to promote its growth and boost the local economy.

In this post, we’ll be talking you through the ins and outs of the guild, including what it is, its achievements, and its future.

Who Are The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild?

The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild was created by spirit distillery owners in the local area.

The non-profit guild is focused on promoting the activity and success of the craft spirits industry in the local area, by advocating for the practice, informing locals, and working with lawmakers.

How Can You Join The Guild?

Almost anyone can become a member of the craft distillers guild, including enthusiasts, distillery owners, and those working in other areas of the industry.

There are three membership levels, including:

Enthusiast Level: This level is open to anyone who appreciates the industry, not just business owners.

You’ll need to be over 21 years of age to obtain an enthusiast membership, and it’ll cost you $100 every 12 months.

Some of the benefits of an enthusiast membership include VIP entry to events, a discount on membership purchases, exclusive invitations to events, and your own membership card.

Voting Member Level: For the voting member level, you’ll need to be a distiller of some kind, and your products will need to meet the requirements outlined by the guild.

There are other stipulations, including holding TTB-approved labels, annual production not exceeding 100,000 proof gallons, and more.

This membership will cost you $200 every 12 months.

Membership benefits can include voting rights on guild matters, access to MCDG data, increased purchasing power, access to guild marketing materials, and more.

Industry Ally Level: At the industry ally level, you’ll need to be working in the spirits industry or be associated with a business that wants to support the guild’s mission.

When you join the Industry Ally Level, you’ll reap a wealth of benefits, including invitations to educational events, a sponsor logo, permission to participate in the Missouri Spirits Expedition, and more.

Which Distilleries Are Members Of The Guild?

There are plenty of existing members in the local area, including:

  • Black Shire Distillery
  • Blacksmith Artisanal Spirits
  • Copper Mule Distillery
  • Cave Vineyard Winery & Distillery
  • Bone Hill View Distillery
  • Copper Run Distillery
  • DogMaster Distillery
  • Distillery of Defiance
  • Fernweh Distilling Co.
  • Edelbrand Pure Distilling
  • Jacob Rieger & Company
  • Missouri Ridge Distillery
  • Lifted Spirits
  • Myrtle’s Distilled Spirits
  • Of the Earth Farm Distillery
  • Naked Spirits
  • Phantom V Distilling Company
  • Old Ozarkian Distillery
  • Pinckney Bend Distillery
  • R/Farm Distilling Co,
  • Red Ox Distilling
  • Rockin’ A Distillery
  • Restless Spirits Distilling Company
  • Saint Louis Distillery
  • Six-Mile Ordinary
  • Samuel Berton Distilling
  • Square One Brewery and Distillery
  • StilL 630 Distillery
  • Skullsplitter Spirits
  • Tall Pines Distillery
  • Switchgrass Distillery
  • Ty lechyd Da Distillery
  • Tom’s Town Distilling
  • Wood Hat Spirits

State Fees

In Missouri, your distillery license will cost you $450 a year, plus a tax bond.

Licensing Requirements

  • Correct identification, contact information, criminal record check, and voter registration
  • You must have a Missouri sales tax license before submitting your application
  • You may also need a federal permit from the TTB if you’re requesting a wholesale liquor license
  • You must comply with health inspections

Distillery Restrictions/Laws

  • You cannot apply for a license if you’re under 21
  • Distilleries may not be located in enclosures connected to a residence, in a residence, or in sheds or yards
  • If you have not paid tax on distilled spirits or conceal distilled spirits, they can be removed

*Restrictions are subject to change, and more restrictions may be relevant depending on the alcohol you’re manufacturing. For more information, contact the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

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What Have The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild Achieved?

The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild works hard to promote distilleries in the local area. One of its greatest achievements is the creation and promotion of the Missouri Spirits Expedition.

Missouri Spirits Expedition

The Missouri Spirits Expedition has been created to promote tourism of the distillery industry in Missouri.

The expedition supports distilleries in all corners of the state, and those who take part will get a chance to meet the entrepreneurs behind these businesses, and get a unique look inside the distilleries that make Missouri.

Each business has its own unique story, and of course, plenty of drinks to taste!

You’ll need to be 21 or over to take part in this event, and best of all, it’s completely free! Simply head over to a local participating outfitter where you can get your own expedition log.

The more distilleries you visit, the more rewards you get.

Rewards include vouchers and even a free bottle of MO Bourbon Whiskey.

Vouchers can be spent at any participating distillery, including the place you earned them.

This is a great chance for distillery lovers to enjoy the best that Missouri has to offer while supporting local businesses. The expedition was first launched in 2019 and continues today.

Driving Tourism And Local Economic Growth

Events such as the Missouri Spirits Expedition have helped increase tourism to the area and encourage local economic growth.

By encouraging tourists to visit distilleries with tasting rooms, restaurants, event spaces, and entertainment, the local economy has benefited.

Evidence suggests that in 2019, 0.8% of tourists in the area visited distillers (approximately 4.2 million), with an average spend of $28 per visitor.

This equates to roughly $9.4 million in revenue for the industry.

The number of distillers in Missouri continues to grow, and thanks to the work of the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild, more and more tourists are encouraged to visit, providing a welcome boost to the local economy.

What Is The Future Of The Guild?

The guild is relatively young, but it’s already grown massively since its launch.

The guild hopes to continue to increase tourism to local distilleries, and create a profitable, hardy industry in the state.

The guild would also like to continue to work with new and existing members to identify and promote new trends in the distilleries, which will generate more growth in the state.

The Bottom Line

Most US states now have their own non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting the growth of the local distillery industry.

The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild may be in its infancy, but it has already done plenty to put Missouri on the distiller’s map and boost the local economy.

This may just be the beginning of a very successful future for Missouri’s distillery industry.

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