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Which US State Makes the Best Craft Gin?

Before finding the best craft distillery near you, you’ll want to consider which craft spirit has the most character and offers a variety of sipping experiences. Of course, choosing the best spirit is a bit subjective. What one person enjoys may not be entirely your cup of tea. However, most craft spirits enthusiasts can agree that gin deserves a spot at the top of the list. If you enjoy a great-tasting gin, these are the states and distillery tour adventures to add to your sipping bucket list. For many, they’re the best craft gin offerings in the country. It’ll be up to you to decide which craft gin is the absolute best.

How Gin Is Distilled

Part of what makes gin so appealing to so many is how it’s made. Gin can be derived from a variety of sources, including fruits, grains, or potatoes. And each offers a unique flavor profile, giving each gin brand a distinct taste. Distillers exclusively redistill the ethanol and botanicals used, steeping it and then vapor infusing it. Juniper flavors are often the most prominent, notable as gin’s most signature hue.

Gin has been around for centuries and is a descendant of Genever, a Dutch liquor. And whether you’re enjoying your gin on the rocks or as part of your favorite martini, there are some gins that rise to the top as the best. In the US, these are the craft distillery tours to visit if your goal is to sip the best of the best gins in the country.

Visit Montpelier, Vermont, to Tour Caledonia Spirits

One of the most iconic US gins hails from Caledonia Spirits in Montpelier, Vermont. Barr Hill Gin comes from pure grains and is delightfully infused with raw northern honey and juniper berries. Tom Cat Gin is barrel-aged for up to six months in new charred American oak barrels and offers hints of whisky notes.

Visit Denver, Colorado, for a Tour and Tasting at Leopold Bros

Whether you prefer a soft gin or something bolder, you can find your favorite gins at Leopold Bros. in Denver, Colorado. This is American Small Batch Gin at its finest. And the meticulous practice of fractional distillation ensures each sip offers an incredibly unique taste and experience. Visit this distillery for tours, classes, and tastings. And half of their tour proceeds go to local Colorado charities.

Visit Park City, Utah, and Tour Alpine Distilling

Explore the whisky and gin portfolio Alpine Distilling has to offer. Summit Gin is produced with a custom-built distillation system that uses vapor extraction. The yield is a magnificent and balanced gin, perfect for sipping straight or blending in your favorite cocktail recipe. These gin spirits come in a variety of profiles, including juniper, angelica root, cardamom, coriander, and citrus peel.

Visit Golden State Distillery in Sebastopol, California

Another gin brand that makes many of the “best gins in the US” lists is Gray Whale Gin from Golden State Distillery in California. This iconic gin experiences distilling six times and hails from corn. It then gets an infusion of wild-foraged and organically farmed botanical ingredients. Experiencing this distillery tour also means giving back since one percent of sales goes towards environmental causes.

Visit the ‘Hippie Barn’ in Elverson, Pennsylvania

One of the best gins in the US comes from Pennsylvania. The Revivalist Spirits distillery is an absolute must-experience, especially if you’re a gin enthusiast. Sample award-winning expressions that “break the mold” and make Revivalist Botanical Gins distinctive and widely appreciated. There is a kaleidoscope of unique flavors and blends from this team of bold experimenters at the adoringly nick-named “Hippie Barn!”

Visit Portland, Oregon’s Aimsir Distilling Company

Head to Portland, Oregon, for a visit to the Aimsir Distilling Company. It’s here you can sample Aitil House Gin, a 45% ABV and award-winning gin. It’s named after the Gaelic word for juniper and is infused with fruits, juniper, and warm spices for a uniquely balanced profile. Distillery tour visitors can also sample the exquisite Rose Gin!

Honorable Mentions: All Hail from California

When you start browsing the 2023 best gin lists, you’ll see that many of the top contenders are distilled in California. So, arguably, the “Golden State” might be the best gin state of them all. Here are just a few California distillery tours for sampling iconic gin varieties.

  • Joshua Tree Distilling Company
  • Jettywave Distillery
  • Distillery No. 209
  • Falcon Spirits Distillery
  • St. George Spirits
  • Anchor Distilling Co.
  • The Palm Springs Spirits Co.

FAQs About US Gin Distillery Tours

Explore these most FAQs about craft gins and US distillery tours featuring delicious gin varieties.

What’s the difference between gin and craft gin?

Craft gins are typically made in small batches, undergoing a unique and complex distilling process. Distilled gin involves distilling a mash, fermenting an alcohol base, and redistilling. 

What are the different types of gin profiles?

Gin can present in a wide variety of unique flavors, depending on how they’re produced. However, there are four traditional types of gin to explore: Navy Strength Gin, Plymouth Gin, Old Tom Gin, and London Dry Gin.

Why is gin more expensive than other craft spirits?

Craft gin tends to be a more intensive process to create. High-quality distillers will put their gin offerings through two, three, and five rounds of distillation. In the end, you might pay a little more for a better quality and significantly purer spirit.

Find your best gin variety for your favorite cocktail recipes or for sipping at home in your private bar with these craft gins! And start planning your distillery tour adventures to these US states with arguably the best gins to offer! Check back here often at Distillery Nearby for more distillery tour insights and answers to all your burning craft spirits questions, including “Where can I find a distillery near me?” We can be a tremendous resource for novice craft spirit fans looking to explore new experiences. And craft spirit aficionados can discover distillery adventures all over the US to add to their bucket lists. Get started and find your next sipping adventure!

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