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If nothing relaxes you like sitting down after a long and enjoying a nice glass of bourbon, then you simply have to know about the Bourbon Brotherhood. With over 1500 members, the Bourbon Brotherhood is one of the best ways to meet others who enjoy bourbon as much as you do.

In this article, we have everything you need to know about the Bourbon Brotherhood. From who they are, and what they do, to how you can join! You can easily become a member of the Bourbon Brotherhood and share your love for the auburn-colored spirit.

Let’s get into it!

Kentucky Bourbon

If you are a fan of bourbon then you probably already know the history of bourbon in Kentucky. But if you don’t, we have some history to help bring you up to speed.

Now, bourbon is only considered bourbon if it is made in America. And many believe that the best bourbon is produced in Kentucky.

The Samuels family has asserted that they are the oldest bourbon family still engaged in bourbon production. They were established in 1783 and are still active today. Yet they didn’t produce bourbon for the market before 1840.

It wasn’t until 1785 that bourbon was completely established in Kentucky and could be used to bring the state wealth.

Who Are The Bourbon Brotherhood?

The Bourbon Brotherhood was founded in 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky. Under the mantra “Bourbon is best enjoyed with friends”, this group allows men from all over the country to come together once a month and discuss life, the world, and of course, bourbon.

They meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month for around 2 hours, where everyone can take part in some fun games such as ax throwing, archery, and pool.

The Bourbon Brotherhood is also known for its incredible Barrel Picks. All members of the brotherhood who commit to purchasing a bottle of bourbon are automatically entered into a lottery. This is selected at their annual Bourbon Mixer and helps them raise money for local charities.

So not only do you get to meet a friend and drink some delicious bourbon, you also get to give back to the neighborhood.

Exclusive Events


Since its founding in 2014, Bourbon Brotherhood has hosted over 100 bourbon events with over 7,500 people in attendance. That’s a lot of bourbons. However, these events are more than dressing up and having a nice dinner, they make sure each event is as exciting as the bourbon they drink.

With access to Master Distillers, attendees are welcome to enjoy a short talk about how bourbon is created from beginning to end. You can hear about the history of bourbon in America and how it has grown to be what it is today.

The Brotherhood also organizes various VIP Experiences including a distillery tour. There are various distilleries within the state of Kentucky and in surrounding areas.

The Brotherhood often travels by luxury coach to tour some of the glorious distilleries in the country while enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.

How To Become A Member

If joining the Bourbon Brotherhood is something you are interested in then becoming a member is rather simple. Head to their website and signup!

Kentucky State Fees & Licenses

While Kentucky is reaping the benefits of a decade-long bourbon boom, there are taxes which need to be paid for the distilling and distribution of bourbon.

Barrels of bourbon, or any spirit, are considered property within the state of Kentucky. This means they are subject to property tax and will be taxed annually until they are bottled and sold.

Aging barrels are also liable to state, local, and federal taxes. And this is all before the tariffs!

All of Kentucky’s bourbon faces a 25% steel and aluminum tariff when it comes to exporting to the EU and the UK. These fees and tariffs are only continuing to increase, making the production and trading of American bourbon an extremely expensive industry.

When it comes to licenses, you need to apply with the Kentucky Distillers Association. However, in 2022 the government of Kentucky signed an emergency bill that legalized the distilling and sale of single barrels of bourbon.

This micro-distillery license trend is excellent news for smaller, independent distillers who only make one spirit. However, these micro-distilleries may find it harder to fund their production with the hefty fees and tariffs made by the state.

Kentucky Distillery Laws

Owning and operating a distillery with the intent to distill moonshine is illegal in Kentucky, but for bourbon… It is a whole new world.

The Kentucky government passed the bill (HB)500 which allows the offering of a private barrel selection.

In particular, HB 500 confirms the continued practice of hosting PBS events at Kentucky distilleries, permits distillers to operate one (1) off-site “satellite” tasting room/retail store per each licensed distillery premises, and authorizes a number of other activities intended to boost tourism and economic development for the bourbon industry, such as:

  • PBS bottles are shipped directly to private participants’ consumers and nonprofit organizations.
  • Sales of Special bottles made by distillers at their gift shops, including bottles that are only sold there (which Kentucky law already usually permits breweries and wineries to do);
  • Sales of a limited quantity of packaged and sample distilled spirits at events including fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets
  • Sales of barrel-aged and batched cocktails by bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms; and;
  • Sales by restaurants and bars of their own PBS bottles for consumption off through a new limited, non-quota package license.

Final Thoughts

For those who love bourbon and believe that Kentucky bourbon is simply the best there is, joining the Bourbon Brotherhood is an absolute must.

Join their members once a month to discuss something you all love, bourbon! And enjoy different events, games, and fundraisers throughout the year for a truly wonderful experience.

And while you make new friends and connections, remember the effort that bourbon distillers have to go through to get you the best bourbon in the world.

Photos submitted to by Bourbon Brotherhood

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