Georgia Distillers Association

Georgia Distillers Association

In the South, whiskey is a way of life. From the iconic Jack Daniel’s to the lesser-known craft distilleries, there is no denying that whiskey is deeply intertwined with Southern culture. The Georgia Distillers Association (GDA) exists to protect and promote the craft distilleries that are so integral to this culture.

Through its advocacy and support of local distilleries, GDA has become a powerful force in preserving the unique flavors and traditions of Southern whiskey.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or just getting your feet wet in the world of spirits, join us as we explore what makes up this dynamic association and discover why it’s so important for Georgia’s craft distilling industry.

What Is The Georgia Distillers Association?

The Georgia Distillers Association (GDA) is a non-profit organization that works to preserve, promote, and protect the unique traditions of craft distilling in the state of Georgia. Founded in 2013, GDA strives to create a better environment for local distilleries and craft spirits enthusiasts alike.

The organization supports industry growth through legislative advocacy and educational initiatives, as well as providing resources and guidance for members. With its network of experienced distillers, GDA also helps connect producers to buyers, vendors, and other industry professionals.

As the craft distilling industry grows both nationally and internationally, GDA is dedicated to furthering the art of traditional Southern whiskey-making while also pushing boundaries with innovative new products.

Craft Distilleries In Georgia

Craft distilleries are popping up all over Georgia, giving locals and visitors alike the chance to sample some of the best spirits the South has to offer. From small-batch moonshine to premium whiskey, craft distilleries have something for everyone.

Through educational initiatives and legislative advocacy, GDA helps ensure that craft distilleries remain a vibrant part of Georgia’s culture. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just want to explore your local craft spirits scene, make sure to check out what’s brewing in Georgia!

With its rich history and growing presence in the state, there’s no doubt that craft distilleries will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

Benefits Of Joining The GDA For Craft Distillers

Joining the Georgia Distillers Association (GDA) can be a great way for craft distillers to maximize their business success. The GDA provides numerous benefits to members, such as access to educational resources and seminars, industry news and updates, and opportunities to network with other members.

Additionally, GDA members have the chance to showcase their products at local events and festivals, giving them the opportunity to reach out to new customers. Finally, membership provides discounted rates for bottle labeling services and discounts on supplies like bottles, labels, corks, and caps.

All of these advantages can help craft distilleries become more successful in a competitive market. With the resources provided by the GDA, craft distillers can get a leg up on the competition!
The initial cost to join the GDA is $500 and then a continuing due of $250.00 per year.

Laws And Regulations Surrounding Craft Distilling In Georgia

Craft distilling in Georgia is subject to a variety of laws and regulations. The most important law to be aware of is the Georgia Distiller’s Permit, which requires all craft distillers to obtain a license from the Georgia Department of Revenue before they can legally sell or distribute their products.

Additionally, craft distillers must adhere to certain standards for labeling and packaging their products, as well as following all relevant health and safety regulations.

The GDA (Georgia Distillers Association) is an invaluable resource for craft distillers looking to stay informed on the current laws and regulations surrounding their industry.

The GDA provides helpful tips and advice on how to properly label products, as well as information on any upcoming changes that could affect a business.

Additionally, members have access to seminars and workshops focusing on topics such as product labeling requirements and other legal matters related to running a craft distillery in Georgia.

By staying up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations surrounding craft distilling in Georgia, craft distillers can ensure that they are operating within legal bounds while still maximizing their production potential.

The GDA is an excellent resource for learning more about the laws governing craft distilling in Georgia so that businesses can remain successful while keeping their operations compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

Spirits Produced By GDA Member Distilleries

At GDA member distilleries, you’ll find the highest quality spirits available in Georgia. From smooth bourbons to crisp gins, these craft distilleries have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic whiskey or an innovative vodka with unique flavors, GDA member distilleries are sure to have what you need.

Not only do they produce superior quality spirits, but they also take great care in making sure their products meet all relevant health and safety regulations, as well as proper labeling, so customers know exactly what they’re getting.

So next time you’re in the market for a new spirit, try something from your local GDA member distillery – it’s certain to be an enjoyable experience!

Impact Of Pandemic On GDA Members

The pandemic has had a significant impact on GDA member distilleries, many of which have seen their business grind to a halt. With tasting rooms closed and events canceled, these craft distillers are feeling the effects of the economic downturn.

The good news is that many GDA members are adapting to the new normal and finding innovative ways to stay afloat. For example, ASW Distillery is now offering virtual tours of their facility and online classes for customers who can’t come into the physical location.

Although it’s been tough, GDA members are resilient and are doing their best to stay in business despite unprecedented times.


The Georgia Distillers Association is a great organization that is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the state’s fine spirits. From their mission statement to their educational events, they are committed to helping craft distilleries succeed in the Georgia market.

With their help, craft distilleries can benefit from the knowledge and resources they offer, allowing them to grow and become more successful. The GDA is a great resource for craft distilleries and the entire Georgia distilling industry.

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