Find Your New Whiskey Favorites on the Stateline Whiskey Tour

The Stateline Whiskey Tour comprises three distilleries on the Tennessee and Kentucky border. They are Old Glory Distillery Co., MB Roland Distillery, and Casey Jones Distillery. All the distilleries on this tour are within a 30 miles radius of each other. Even though it’s called a whiskey tour, you can also sample moonshine and bourbon. 

In this post, we look at all the distilleries on this trail and advise you on other things you can do after completing the tour.

Old Glory Distillery Co.

You will find Old Glory over the Tennessee-Kentucky border in Clarksville. When you first walk into the building, you will notice a vast window that lets you see where they make their spirits, so you see the machines at work. During the tour, their guide will explain their distillation process to you and even outline some of the upgrades and changes the company is making to improve production. Additionally, you will learn about Old Glory’s founder, a firefighter; they even have some items in their gift shop in honor of their founder.

If you are a cat lover, you’ll be happy to meet their resident cat, which always hangs around the distillation area. At the end of the tour, the guide will lead you to a tasting table in the middle of a spacious bar area and gift shop. The bar is open throughout the day and has plenty of high tables and chairs to relax while enjoying your drinks. Their gift shop has various souvenirs you can buy alongside the alcohol.

  • Location: 451 Alfred Thun Rd, Clarksville, TN 37040
  • Phone: (931) 919-2522

MB Roland Distillery

When you head south of Pembroke, Kentucky, you’ll come across MB Roland; the distillery’s main building is in a rural area among the Amish. During your tour, you’ll learn how the company started and how they make their drinks, from sourcing the materials to distillation and packaging. For animal lovers, the distillery has a couple of cats and dogs on its premises that will accompany you throughout the tour. At MB Roland gift shop, you’ll get to sample their variety of alcohol products and their infamous Kentucky Lemonade with solid notes.

  • Location: 137 Barkers Mill Rd, Pembroke, KY 42266
  • Phone: (270) 640-7744

Casey Jones Distillery

Found in Hopkinsville, KY, Casey Jones is furthest from the other two distilleriesThe family-run distillery specializes in making moonshine and has won some international accolades. The company still follows its founding father’s process of making moonshine using coffin stills to achieve the desired taste. Once you complete the distillery tour, the guide will take you to the tasting counter inside their gift shop, where you can sample eight different alcohols.

Casey Jones stands out from the other distilleries for it has a fish-filled lake at the back, where you can do some fishing. However, you’ll have to call ahead for that. The distillery also has a polite dog on site called Rosie, so feel free to bring your pup along if you have one. Next to the tasting area is a full-sized bar to check out and order drinks like the delicious Moonarita.

It’s worth noting that the bar doesn’t serve “real” food; however, they offer snacks like chips and hotdogs.

  • Location: 2815 Witty Ln, Hopkinsville, KY 42240
  • Phone: (270) 839-9987

Other things to do 

After the tour, you can visit plenty of places to have fun and learn interesting historical facts. 

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Located in one of Kentucky’s premium vacation spots: The Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Falls Park is a place you should visit. The park has many fun activities you can partake in, such as horseback riding, water rafting, biking, fishing, and more. Apart from that, the park usually hosts numerous events year-round, so if you’re lucky, you’ll experience one of them. These events include;

  • The Native American Weekend
  • Overnight Canoe Adventures
  • Kentucky Hills Craft Festival
  • Nature Photography Weekend

Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs 

For racing lovers, you can head to Churchill Downs and witness the Kentucky derby. It’s one of the state’s most prestigious and exciting events. The place also has the Kentucky Derby Museum, which is open yearly. It explains the entire derby history and has many fascinating artifacts, like items owned by previous horse trainers. At the museum, you will learn how they breed and train horses, and behind it, there’s a cemetery paying tribute to dead champions.

Kentucky State Capitol

Considered by many historians among the top ten capitols in the country, the Kentucky State Capitol is an architectural masterpiece. The famous Frank Mills Andrews designed it. The building’s most outstanding feature has to be its magnificent marble staircase. If you choose to, you can tour the building to experience its opera Garnier designs and the First Lady Doll Collection firsthand.

The Land Between the Lakes

It’s an ideal place for outdoor lovers to go fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and biking.


How long do the tours take?

On average, each distillery tour can take 45 mins to an hour. However, this will primarily depend on the number of questions you have. Also, the tours cost $10 per person or more, and there isn’t a specific time limit to when you should complete all the tours. So, feel free to take your time.

Do any of the distilleries serve food?

None of the Stateline Whiskey Tour distilleries serve complete meals; they mainly sell snacks. So we recommend you stop and eat in the nearby restaurants or pack homemade food. Eating in the restaurants will also allow you to mingle with the locals and learn more about the area.

What do you get after completing the Stateline Whiskey Tour?

You’ll get a flight paddle, and souvenir shot glasses from all three participating distilleries. 


If you are in the southwestern part of Kentucky, going on the Stateline Whiskey Tour will allow you to sample different varieties of spirits the distilleries have to offer. 

After completing the tour, you can start the Tennessee Whiskey Trail or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We also recommend you check out DistilleryNearby to learn more about other distilleries’ tours and trails in the country.

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