How Many Calories In A Bloody Mary?

How Many Calories In A Bloody Mary?

The rich and deep red colored Bloody Mary is a cocktail that many of us have tried before, or a drink that we’ve heard so many good things about but might be a little hesitant to sip on ourselves, and a reason for this could be the potential calorie count.

After all, the Bloody Mary may be delicious, but it is made from a mixture of multiple juices, ingredients and extra spices that could at first make it seem like it could be a little unhealthier than many of its fans would like to admit. 

We’ve compiled a full nutritional breakdown of the Bloody Mary including how many calories it contains on average, and if there are any potential health benefits that come from stirring one up every now and again. 

What Ingredients Are Used In A Bloody Mary? 

The Bloody Mary is a cocktail that strikes the perfect balance between being both spicy and salty, and that’s all down to the delicious ingredients that are used to make it including tomato juice, which is what gives the cocktail the very distinct deep red appearance it is so recognizable for. 

The juice is used to mask the strong flavor and aroma of the vodka, along with a hint of lemon juice to help even out all the flavors and lends a much more refreshing taste that is hard to resist once you take that first sip. 

The addition of black pepper and celery helps to make the flavor of a Bloody Mary that much sweeter with some people even choosing to garnish the drink with a few dill pickles to make the overall taste a little juicier.

How Many Calories Are In A Bloody Mary?

The exact calorie count of a Bloody Mary will largely depend on what ingredients you choose to mix it with, however, if you’re using the standard recipe of vodka and tomato juice with some celery, lemon juice and one to two sweeteners to finish the drink off, the average Bloody Mary will contain between 90 and 120 calories. 

It should be noted that premixed Bloody Mary drinks on average are a lot unhealthier and usually contain between 200 to 400 calories due to how much added sugar is often included to pack as much flavor into each sip as possible. 

How Many Calories In A Bloody Mary?

Is A Bloody Mary Considered Healthy?

To put into perspective how damaging the calorie count of the Bloody Mary is compared to other cocktails, a margarita on average contains 200 to 300 calories per glass, however, any added sugar can quickly cause the calories to be much higher. 

The Bloody Mary is therefore considered to be a lot healthier and lower in calories than many of its peers, and the main reason for this is the inclusion of tomato juice which not only helps to keep the calories down, but also possesses a lot of health benefits of its own including moderate amounts of sodium, potassium, and Vitamin C. 

In fact, many people say that the Bloody Mary is the best cocktail to drink when trying to lose weight because of how beneficial the inclusion of tomato juice is, making this a “hearty cocktail” that some people will even drink lightly when trying to cure a hangover

The Bloody Mary is actually often compared to the mimosa since both are considered fairly healthy cocktails, however, one big difference between the two is that while the Blood Mary does contain low to moderate levels of sugar, it still contains less sugar than the mimosa which is made from a combination of OJ and champagne. 

While the Bloody Mary is a much healthier drink to choose when you are celebrating or relaxing at the bar with a few friends, because it still uses a lot of vodka, it should still only be consumed in moderation like all other cocktails. 

Overconsumption of vodka can elevate blood pressure and disrupt the immune system which can make it a lot easier to contract diseases and infections, so moderate consumption is always recommended. 

Extra Healthy Ingredients To Add

While the Bloody Mary is already considered fairly healthy when made from its standard set of ingredients, there are still a few extra ingredients you can throw into the mixture which can make this delicious cocktail even healthier without overriding the flavors. 

Here are a few tasty ingredients you can add to a Bloody Mary to make it even healthier: 

Horseradish – A small amount of horseradish not only helps to infuse the flavor of a Bloody Mary with a little extra spiciness, but it is also incredibly high in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and folate which is a necessary vitamin used for producing red and white blood cells. 

Worcestershire Sauce – While Worcestershire sauce is not always a must-have ingredient for many people when they are preparing a Bloody Mary, it still mixes perfectly with the tomato and other ingredients while also being very nutritious, containing moderate amounts of Vitamin C, iron, zinc and copper. 

Celery Salt – Alongside a few small celery stalks, another way you can liven up the fruity taste of a Bloody Mary while also making it even healthier is by sprinkling it with some celery salt.

Celery salt is a lot lower in sodium compared to regular salt and also contains phthalides which help to moderate high cholesterol while also helping to prevent inflammation and ulcers. 


Next time you’re out with friends at a bar and want a delicious drink that you can be sure won’t drive up your daily calorie count, check the menu to see if you can spot a delicious Bloody Mary which is still incredibly distinct and rich in its flavor while also managing to be one of the healthiest cocktails you can drink. 

If you’re making one of these delightful cocktails at home, don’t forget to add in a few extra healthy ingredients to make this popular beverage even more nutritious. 

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