Louisiana Distillers Guild

Louisiana Distillers Guild

If we’re talking about some of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, one that many people might find interesting, maybe even be surprised by, is just how fast the distillery business is growing across the country. One of the states that is fastest growing might just be our friends in the southeast, down in Louisiana. Read along and learn more about what the Louisiana Distillers Guild has done to promote distilleries and their craft spirits.

Here, you’ll find distilleries for pretty much every kind of spirit that you can think of, from bourbon and whiskey to vodka and rum.

And, keeping this increasingly well-oiled machine going and connecting distilleries would have been the Louisiana Distillers Guild.

If you’re in Louisiana, and you’re looking to learn a little bit more about the distillery guild, either for business interests, tourist opportunities, or even just out of curiosity, you’ve come to the right place with this guide!

What Is The Louisiana Distillers Guild?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, we should probably outline what exactly the Louisiana Distillers Guild was in the first place!

The Louisiana Distillers Guild (LDG) was a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 whose stated mission is to better support the agricultural and economic development and legislation of distilleries across the state of Louisiana, either through cooperating with official state organizations, or better connecting different distilleries under its umbrella with others.

It’s as simple as that!

The main office for LDG was located at 400 North Street, Baton Rouge.

How Do You Join The Louisiana Distillers Guild?

So, how exactly can you join this guild of like-minded individuals who all share a passion, love, and drive for distillers around the state?

Well, unfortunately, that’s the unfortunate downer that we have to deliver. You no longer can.

Keen-eyed readers have probably noticed that we have largely been talking about the Louisiana Distillers Guild in the past tense.

As of December 2021, the guild closed down, and its website is no longer available to view through normal means. Although, this website says their status is still active.

Given that the guild started with so much promise, this might feel a little disappointing to some distiller fans around the state.

What Could You Get?

When it was open, the LDG offered 2 kidneys of membership, both for those who have licensed distillers around Louisiana, and affiliated members.

Of both of those affiliated members, there were three tiers of membership.

Enthusiast Membership, which included a free t-shirt as part of the initial welcome package, as well as tickets to exclusive guild events. This tier was advertised to anyone who had a passion or interest in distilleries.

This tier cost around $50.

The Prospective Distiller Membership was for individuals and companies that intended to have distilleries set up in the near future, and were in the process or had recently acquired a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) license.

This tier would get members access to guild meetings, their calendars, and their preferred vendor lists.

The price for this membership was $250.

The Licensed Distilled Membership was for distilleries that had already acquired a Distilled Spirits Plant license and were in operation.

Thai tier had access to everything the Prospective Distiller Membership had, plus the guild’s legislative agenda to local authorities, promotional material from the guild, and even full voting rights within the guild to decide future policy, legislature, and positions.

This membership was sold at $350.

The Associate Membership was the highest membership that the guild offered when it was operational.

This tier got you access to all open meetings, promotional materials, and even contact will all of the guild’s current members to discuss promotional opportunities and any services.

At $750 this was also the most expensive.

Distillers In The Louisiana Distillers Guild

At its peak, the LDG had 18 distilleries that it was affiliated with.

  • Atelier Vie located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Baton Rouge Distilling located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Bayou Rum located in Lacassine, Louisiana
  • Borasso Spirits located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Celebration Distillation located in New Orleans, Louisiana (Now Closed)
  • Happy Raptor Distilling located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Lula Restaurant Distillery located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Noël Family Distillery located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana
  • NOLA Distillery located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • New Orleans Distilling located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Porchjam Distillery located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Rank Wildcat Spirits located in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • River Basin Distillery located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Roulaison located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Three Roll Estate located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Seven Three Distilling located in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Yellowfin Distillery located in Sulphur, Louisiana
  • Sugarfield Spirits located in Gonzales, Louisiana

Louisiana Distillers Guild (1)

What Happened To Louisiana Distiller Guild?

So, what exactly happened to the Louisiana Distiller Guild?

Well, while no comment was released by LDG when the organization went under, competition in the state was likely quite fierce.

They were not the only nonprofit organization in the state that worked with distilleries, so it is entirely possible that the 18 affiliated distillers were not enough to help keep the business afloat.

Other Key Details

However, just because the guild has ceased to function, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a strong and vibrant distilling community in Louisiana.

And, like any other state, there are also some guidelines and rules that every distiller in Louisiana has to follow.

State Fees

Given that Louisiana needs several licenses and permits for any company to become established, distilleries are looking at a total potential fee cost of $720.

For total permit fees in the state, you could be looking at $,1000 in total permits.

Licensing Requirements

As a distillery in Louisiana, you are required to have your distillery permits and places available for review when asked for inspection, following public health guidelines and laws, as well as all food registrations being registered with the FDA, which can be found through the FDA website that we have attached this link to.

Any alcohol sold must also contain lettering, branding, and label information that is in line with the minimum requirements listed here, and note the health effects of any substances the drink contains.

Guild Distillery Guidelines/Rules

The guild, while it was operating, had no notable guidelines or rules, outside of federally mandated laws, such as no selling alcohol to people younger than 21.

Final Notes – What’s Next?

So, where exactly is there to go for LDG after it closed down? Is there any chance of renewal or revival of the organization?

Well, from the looks of things, there is little interest in continuing the brand/name of the Louisiana Distiller’s Guild.

However, with a distillery scene that keeps going from strength to strength, and many other nonprofit organizations advocating for them, the future still looks bright for the industry here in Louisiana!

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