Michigan Craft Distillers Association

Michigan Craft Distillers Association

The state of Michigan is perhaps best known for its Great Lakes shorelines, as well its impressive range of agriculture, but in recent years it’s also been making a name for itself when it comes to distilling spirits.

In the past decade, Michigan has seen an increasing number of small-batch spirit producers appearing all over its state, and its distilling industry is continuing to grow to this day. 

However, with increased success comes the need for increased management, and that’s where the Michigan Craft Distillers Association comes in.

The Association was formed in order to organize, promote, and protect the craft distilleries of Michigan. But how do they do this? And who are their members?

In our useful guide below, we’ve got all the answers you need about the Michigan Craft Distillers Association. We’ve got a more in-depth look at who they are, what they do, where they’re located, and much more. Read on!

What Is The Michigan Craft Distillers Association?

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association is a non-profit organization that was formed in order to organize the craft distilleries of Michigan better, providing them with a united voice that would help them succeed, promote themselves, and grow. 

The Association was formed in 2014 in response to the increasing number of small-batch spirit producers that were opening across Michigan, and the state’s industry has continued to grow since, making an even greater need for the community and voice that the Association offers. 

Though the distilling industry of Michigan is doing well, it’s still very new in the grander scheme of things, and so it needs more help than other more-established industries might.

As a result, it’s important for the different distilleries to unify together in some way, and that’s what the Association was created to do.

With a unified voice, the distilleries can better promote themselves and their industry as a whole, bringing increased business to each craft distillery. 

Additionally, a unified body is going to be better equipped at dealing with business issues or legislative problems. On top of that, they’re going to be able to educate the public consumers better about their products.

What Do The Michigan Craft Distillers Association Do?

There are a variety of different ways that the Michigan Craft Distillers Association helps the state’s craft distilling industry and the various distilleries that are members of the organization.

Promoting The Industry

For one, the Association promotes Michigan’s craft distilling industry and the work of the group’s members.

They do this in a few different ways, such as taking part in events where the Michigan public can be exposed to the various distilleries, seeing how they work and sampling their spirits.

Events such as Michigan Distilled are great places for the distilleries to exhibit themselves.

On the other hand, the Association also publishes a yearly leaflet that contains a map and directory of its craft distillery members.

The leaflets have been distributed at places like retail outlets and state tourism offices, as well as the member distilleries, and they contain a clear map showing where each member distillery is located. 

Along with that, there’s information about what each member does, information on “in planning” distillery members, and details about the allied members and service providers.

The leaflets also guide consumers to the various tasting room locations of the member distilleries, where they can try out the spirits.

Educating Consumers

The Association also helps educate consumers about the state’s industry.

For example, the Association established its own specific definition of a “craft” distiller compared to a “merchant” distiller, helping consumers identify which distilling operations have actually taken place in Michigan.

If the label of your spirit bottle says anything other than “distilled” (at least when it comes to whiskey), then it wasn’t made by the company.

Legislative Help

The Association is also dedicated to fighting legislative issues for its members, ensuring that Michigan’s state laws are fairer on the distilling industry, allowing them to be more successful. 

For example, a recent success involved the Association fighting for a bill that would reduce the markup charged on distilled spirits product – cutting it from 65% down to 32.5%.

This is a major reduction, and the bill was successfully passed out of the Michigan Senate!

Helping Each Other

Of course, the Michigan Craft Distillers Association also provides a community of advice and assistance for its distillery members.

By being part of the organization, distilleries can seek advice from other members, or share their own business tips and experience.

Michigan Craft Distillers Association

Where Is The Michigan Craft Distillers Association Located?

The headquarters for the Michigan Craft Distillers Association can be found at Grand Rapids, MI 49514. It’s PO box is 140229 and its email is michigancraftdistillers@gmail.com

Members Of The Michigan Craft Distillers Association

The Association has over two dozen craft distillery members within it, as well as four distilleries that are “in planning” and should open soon.

Besides craft distillers, members also include merchant distillers. There are too many members to list, so we’ll give you a sampling:

  • Iron Fish Distillery
  • Grand Traverse Distillery
  • Ethanology Distillation
  • High Five Spirits
  • Moravian Sons Distillery
  • Thornapple Artisan Spirits
  • Weiss Distilling Co.
  • The Honorable Distilleries Inc.

Becoming A Member

There are various different memberships available for the Michigan Craft Distillers Association. A Craft Distillery membership will cost $350 annually, as will a Merchant Distiller membership.

A Distillering in Planning membership costs $200 annually, while Wholesale Members have to pay $1000 annually.

State Fees

The annual license fee for a Michigan Small Distiller License is $100.

Licensing Requirements

To get the license, you must first have a “Distilling, Rectifying, Blending and/or Bottling Spirits” base permit. Additionally, you must have proof of financial responsibility.

Distillery Restrictions/Laws

With this license, your manufacture must not exceed 60,000 gallons annually – of all brands combined. You also may not directly sell spirits to Michigan retail licensees.

Final Thoughts

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association is an organization that promotes and protects craft distillers from the state.

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