Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont

Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont

Vermont is home to some of the best distilleries in the United States and has access to some of the best ingredients for distilling spirits. The Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont promotes the industry in Vermont and is made up of twenty members.

We take a look at this council and the distillers who make up its membership.

What Is The Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont?

The Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont is a non-profit organization and cooperative which was created to promote, maintain and develop the distilling of spirits in Vermont. It was founded in January 2011 and is open to all Vermont entities holding a USDSP permit.

The members of the council provide a farm to table experience while supporting the region’s craft distilling industry. Funding comes from the Vermont Agricultural Innovation Center.

In Vermont a distillery license costs $285 per year, and a Manufacturer’s and Fourth Class license is required.

Members Of The Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont

There are twenty members of the Distilled Spirits Council Of Vermont

Appalachian Gap Distillery

The first distillery in America to be certified climate-neutral, Appalachian Gap Distillery creates drinks that capture the spirit of Vermont. Using local ingredients and flavors their beverages are designed to appeal to the adventurous.

Boyden Valley Spirits

Handcrafted spirits made in Vermont and shipped all over the country by Boyden Valley Spirits include maple cream liqueur and apple cream liqueur. All ingredients are locally sourced.

Caledonia Spirit

Caledonia Spirits has won awards for its gin by using local ingredients and raw honey in its processes. Since winning its first double gold at the International Spirits Competition the distillery has increased production and moved to bigger premises.

Dunc’s Mill

Dunc’s Mill

The oldest continuously operating distillery in Vermont, Dunc’s Mill is now known as St. Johnsbury Distillery following a buyout and distills maple and elderflower flavor rum.

Flag Hill Farm

Making artisanal, handmade dry, still and sparkling ciders Flag Hill Farm is nestled in the Vermont mountains. It is organic and solar powered and pays particular attention to the welfare of the bird and pollinator habitats around it.

Green Mountain Distillers

Founded in 2002 Green Mountain Distillers have been producing organic, hand-crafted distilled spirits. They specialize in vodka, gin and maple liqueur.

Hell’s Gate Distillery

Established in 2015 Hell’s Gate Distillery is located in Georgia, Vermont the only town in the area to support the embargo on Canadian trade during the 1812 war. It gained its name Hell’s Gate from smugglers from that time.

Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery

Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery takes all their ingredients from their farm and everything is either used or recycled. They produce vodka, rum, cider, applejack, and aperitifs on their permaculture holdings.

Mad River Distillers

Based in the Mad River Valley this distillery focuses on aged spirits including rye and bourbon whiskey and Vermont’s first single malt, called Hopscotch. They also distill rum and apple brandy.

Putney Mountain Winery

More than 20 years in business, Putney Mountain Winery and Spirits specializes in elegant liqueurs and premium fruit wines. 90% of their ingredients come from local farmers and it is 100% solar powered.

Saxtons River Distillery

Saxtons River Distillery uses only the finest quality of Vermont’s Grade A maple syrup for its bourbon, rye and liqueurs. They also produce gin at their facility in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Shelburne Orchards Distillery

Shelburne Orchards’ Dead Bird Brandy and Pommeau are made from the apples that the distillers grow themselves. They grow more than 50 varieties 30 of which go into their brandy or pommeau.

Silo Distillery

Owned and operated by 8th generation Vermonters the Silo Distillery produces vodka, gin, whiskeys and cider. They also make and bottle ready to drink cocktails. All are made with premium local ingredients.

Smugglers’ Notch Distillery

Run by a father and son team, Smugglers’ Notch Distillery produces small batch spirits which have won double gold awards. They produce vodka, gin, rum and rye whiskey as well as bourbon and liqueurs.

Spirits Of Old Bennington

Making flavored gin, vodka and whiskey the Spirits of Old Bennington creates libations which embody the characteristics of the region using locally sourced ingredients.

Stonecutter Spirits

Located in Middlebury, Vermont Stonecutter Spirits draws on practices from around the world. But they have also produced Vermont’s finest barrel-aged gins helped by the unique climatic conditions.

Vermont Distillers

An award winning distillery Vermont Distillers produce liqueurs, bourbon, vodka, limoncello, pommeau and even moonshine. The distillery is solar powered.

Whistlepig Farm

Whistlepig Farm produces bourbon and rye whiskey that have won multiple awards. They are known for creating experimental rye flavors that have never been tried before.

Wild Hart Distillery

Wild Hart Distillery creates gin, vodka and rum using the best ingredients that the state has to offer and introducing some unexpected flavors such as Chai Spiced Rum. They also produce Italian liquors from a traditional family recipe.

Final Thoughts

The natural abundance of Vermont makes it one of the best places in the country to establish a distillery, so it is not surprising that so many people have done so.

Many of the distilleries are run on solar power and use only local ingredients making them highly sustainable.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont and that you have found it informative as well as interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vermont’s Oldest Distillery?

Dunc’s Mill is the oldest continuously operating distillery in Vermont and now operates under the name of St. Johnsbury Distillery. It was originally the home of Vermont Spirits and the birthplace of Vermont Spirits Gold Vodka.

What Vodka Is Made In Vermont?

Vodka is one of the spirits made by the distillers of Vermont and there are many different flavors. Vermont Spirits Gold Vodka is unusual as it is made from pure Vermont water and distilled maple syrup.

What Is The Oldest Distilled Spirit In The United States?

American Apple Brandy has been around since the 1700s and pre-dates bourbon by over a hundred years.

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