Aquavit Distilleries

Aquavit, often known as aqvevit, is a style of distilled liquor made from fermented grains or potatoes. It has been around for centuries and is perhaps most popularly produced in Scandinavia, particularly the local areas of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Its flavor profile it is unique and delightful: it tends to be spicy, herbal and citrusy. To find local distilleries that make aquavit near you, check local craft distilleries in your area; many of them produce this special liquor. To drink aquavit, people commonly consume neat or on ice, but, you could also search for local cocktails made with aquavit which are mixed with other spirits to give an even more flavorful experience. Its alcohol by volume (ABV) is usually between 35–50%. Aquavit's history dates back to the 15th century where it was enjoyed widely by Europeans at feasts and celebrations until today. Whether you choose to sip on neat drinks or mix it into something new, there's no denying its rich heritage will delight your taste buds! Drink locally distilled Aquavit responsibly.