Rum Distilleries

Rum is one of the most popular spirits made in the USA. Rum is an ingredient in some of the most popular drinks- including rum on the rocks! Whether served on its own, combined with club soda or added to a cocktail, you are sure to enjoy the versatility and different taste profiles of locally made Rums. Craft distilleries in the United States are producing more varieties of rum than ever before. Rum is actually made from local ingredients such as sugarcane, molasses, and local fruits which gives it its unique flavor profile. The strength of a rum depends on the local rum distillery that makes it; generally, lighter rums are 80 proof and darker rums can reach up to 150 proof. When served straight, rum has a warm and sugary taste that can vary depending on the local ingredients used in the recipe at the local distillery. Popular rum cocktails include classic mojitos and grog shots to more tropical pina coladas and daiquiris. When you visit a local rum distillery near you, be sure to try the rum options and be amazed with this easy to drink, fun, versatile spirit.