Mezcal, Agave (Tequila)

Mezcal is a popular alcohol distilled from agave plants. Unlike tequila, mezcal can be created anywhere whereas Tequila can only be made in five regions in Mexico. Mezcal or Agave Spirits are generally made from agave plants and have a smoky flavor produced during the distilling process in the local distillery. Mezcal is usually strong, but it can be consumed on its own or mixed into mezcal cocktails such as margaritas and palomas. While not as widely recognized as tequila, mezcal has grown in popularity over time and found its way into many famous bars around the world thanks to its unique taste. Overall, mezcal may differ from tequila, but they both have their place in the cocktail scene. Drinking local offers many benefits, including ingredient transparency, economic support, and so much more- when you are considering tequila, remember you can order Mezcal in the USA and drink this locally made spirit, responsibly.