Vodka Distilleries

Vodka is a highly versatile spirit, with local and craft distilleries all over the United States producing delicious variations. Vodka can be produced from grains, potatoes or even beets, and some of the best vodka is distilled several times to remove impurities. While it's usually colorless, odorless and flavorless that doesn't mean the difference between vodkas can't be pronounced! The strength often ranges between 40-50% ABV, but local craft distilleries may produce versions at a higher percentage for added complexity in cocktails. Popular vodka based drinks like the cosmopolitan or martini make use of other flavors to spice up this ever-popular base. It's also worth trying local craft distilleries take on classic cocktails if you're looking for something further curated. Those who want something simpler may prefer neat or on the rocks - but whatever you decide to do, drink your locally crafted vodka cold if you want it to taste its best!