New York State Distillery Tours

New York State Distillery Tours: A Comprehensive Guide

Most people think of moonshine, bourbon, and whiskey from Tennessee and Kentucky when it comes to American distilled spirits. However, thanks to continued government support, New York State proudly hosts a growing distillery scene. Plenty of Distilleries in the state produce vodka, gin, rye, and bourbon. Stop at some of these magnificent local distilleries to sample top-quality spirits and learn about their different distilling methods.

1. Five & 20

In the entire country, only eight locations have a brewery, winery, and distillery in one area, and Five & 20 is one of these places (also the first in New York State). Five & 20 is a brewery and distillery in the tiny town of Westfield sharing its space with a significant winemaker called Maza Chautauqua Cellars. The distillery focuses on making bourbons and ryes, a variety of craft beers, and flavored liqueurs. 

Five & 20 produces all its spirits in small batches using locally sourced ingredients. The owners are also prominent in conservation, so the company follows strict environmentally friendly practices. Individual and group tastings and tours are offered every day during business hours. But for a more personalized experience, you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

Location: 8398 W Main St, Westfield, NY 14787
Phone: +1 716-793-9463

2. Hudson Valley Distillers

Sticking true to the ancient Hudson Valley farming practices, Hudson Valley Distillers runs a farm, beverage market, cocktail bar, and craft distillery. The company has a host of products that include; gin, whiskey, vodka, and Apple Jack (an alcoholic drink made from Hudson Valley apples).

Hudson Valley is open for tours from Friday to Sunday, and they include insightful and extensive walks through the facility guided by the founder and owner, Chris Moyer. To sample the distillery’s spirits, head to their “Cocktail Grove” bar, where you will enjoy numerous bourbons, gins, and cocktails.

Location: 1727 US-9, Germantown, NY 12526
Phone: +1 518-537-6820

3. Astoria Distilling Company 

Queens keeps pushing its bid to be one of New York’s top business hubs, and Astoria Distilling leads that campaign. The company has great pride in only making premium drinks that reflect the entire area’s deep history and diversity. Its signature spirit, Queens Courage, is an “Old-Tom” style gin that became famous in New York’s pre-prohibition era.

Even though you can’t tour the main distillery, the company has a tasting room on Long Island where you’ll sample several handcrafted spirits and cocktails.

Location: 31-00 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: +1 718-937-7663

4. Catskill Distilling

Running a completely eco-friendly and sustainable operation, Catskill Distilling draws most of its inspiration from Woodstock, which hosts music festivals. The company makes a variety of spirits to meet different clients’ needs, like whiskey, gin, vodka, and grappa. Grappa is a sweet drink Monte Sachs, the owner, spent considerable time learning how to distill from an Italian farm worker.

Daily tours begin at the facilities’ custom-made stills and end at their Art Deco Bar. You will also notice that many of Catskill’s spirit names have love and peace themes. What’s more, the company hosts regular music performances from local artists to give spirit enthusiasts a wholesome experience.

Location: 2037 NY-17B, Bethel, NY 12720
Phone: +1 845-583-3141

5. KAS Spirits

Here is a distillery that only makes Krupnikas, a Polish and Lithuanian spirit made using warm spices and sweet honey. The owners, Kas and his wife Marushka, hail from Brooklyn but decided to open a distillery in Hudson Valley, New York. The couple follows a family recipe (which, of course, has secret spices).

Krupnikas isn’t like your regular honey whiskeys; the spirit features a variety of flavors like saffron, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and more. Pass by the distillery to sample a few drinks and talk to Marushka and Kas to learn more about their unique distilling methods.

Location: 0330 Mahopac, NY 10541
Phone: +1 845-750-6000

6. Springbrook Hollow Farm

On the foothills of the famous Adirondack Mountains, you’ll find Springbrook Hollow Farm, a small-batch distillery that only uses locally sourced, sustainable products. Everything the company uses to make its products, from fruits to grains, comes from surrounding mountains and farms. They even use unprocessed water from Springbrook Hollow.

The result of all this work is distinctive handcrafted bourbon, vodka, moonshine, orange cello, and limoncello. Springbrook offers tours daily, and they have a tasting room with magnificent views of the mountains.

Location: 133 Clements Rd, Queensbury, NY 12804
Phone: +1 518-338-3130

7. Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery

One of New York State’s most known brands, Tuthilltown Distillery, is in the ancient Tuthilltown Gristmill (a historic landmark). The distillery makes select handcrafted small-batch drinks like Hudson Whiskey, various liqueurs, gin, and apple vodka.

Tuthilltown is New York’s first registered distillery after prohibition, and you can learn about its fascinating history during weekend tours. The distillery also has a massive tasting room and an accompanying restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines.

Location: 14 Grist Mill Ln, Gardiner, NY 12525
Phone: +1 845-419-2964

8. Albany Distilling Co.

Even though most of New York State has experienced tremendous changes in terms of buildings and even culture, Albany City has maintained its charm throughout. Albany Distilling is the city’s first distillery after prohibition. It’s a midsized operation as the company only makes small-batch spirits that include; unaged and aged whiskey, rum, and a vodka/coffee concoction called Deathwish.

The company runs three tours every Saturday, and since it’s a small facility, you are assured of a personable and intimate experience, especially at their whiskey-only tasting room.

Location: 75 Livingston Ave, Albany, NY 12207
Phone: +1 518-949-2472

9. Finger Lakes Distilling

In a region primarily famous for its wineries, you will find Finger Lakes Distilling, a craft distillery using traditional methods and local materials to make its products. These spirits include; grappa, vodka, brandy, gin, and unaged and aged whiskey.

Finger Lakes tasting room is always open, and it features a friendly staff ready to explain the whole spirit-making process and provide affordable, tasty samples. The company also provides tours on Saturdays from May to November, and they mainly focus on how they make McKenzie Whiskeys- the distillery’s most popular product.

Location: 4676 NY-414, Burdett, NY 14818
Phone: +1 607-546-5510

Frequently Asked Questions About the New York Distillery Scene

How many distilleries are in New York State?

More than 160 craft distilleries are making excellent spirits in New York, though the number is bound to increase over time.

What’s the most popular spirit in New York State?

According to numerous reports, many people in the state like drinking vodka. 

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