Massachusetts Distillers Alliance

Massachusetts Distillers Alliance

As you’ll no doubt have noticed over the last few years, the number of distilleries across the United States has exploded in the past 3 decades. With now over 2,000 distilleries across the country, there has also been an increasing drive for better coordination to help each state out with its distinct industries. The state of Massachusetts is no different, with its nonprofit organization helping break new grounds, the Massachusetts Distillers Alliance (or MDA for short).

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the key details that you should know about this organization, from how you can apply, to the distillers currently signed up with or associated with it, and the potential benefits of coordinated organization for distilleries across the state.

What Is The Massachusetts Distillers Alliance?

So let’s get some of the basic information about the MDA out of the way here.

The Massachusetts Distillers Alliance carries on the long tradition that this, one of the oldest states in the country, has had for centuries already, which is to help support and grow the many distillers that can be found across the state.

This can take many forms, from opening lines of communication between different distillers and organizations to providing education for the wider public about distilling in Massachusetts.

The organization’s headquarters are located in City Hall Plaza, in Boston.

How Do You Join The Massachusetts Distillers Alliance?

So, perhaps you are a small distiller based in and around Massachusetts, are planning to open one in the near future, or are just looking to support local distilleries.

Whatever your level of enthusiasm, you can usually find some way to support organizations like this

While it might be a little difficult to find through their website, Massachusetts operates very much like many other states with guilds.

There are a number of tiers of membership that people can apply for or purchase, depending on the nature of their contribution.

Distilleries and distillers can sign up as distiller members of organizations like the MDA.

Distilleries that are projected to be opened and running soon can also fall under this bracket, provided that there is enough proof of them being set up within the foreseeable future.

Affiliated members, ordinary individuals who may have a passion or interest in distilling and the industry, can usually apply for less expensive memberships, with some limited or exclusive offers provided by the organization.

As far as we can tell, MDA does not currently offer any services of this type of membership.

There are also often memberships for associates, companies, brands, suppliers, and plenty of other organizations, that can sign up to show interest and support in the future of the distilling industry, usually for a slightly higher price tag.

Currently, it does not appear that MDA is looking for associate members.

Remember, the MDA is still relatively young as an organization, so it may take time before more potential avenues for cooperation make themselves known.

At least, from a consumer perspective, rather than the MDA searching for members.

Distillers In The Massachusetts Distillers Alliance

This is arguably where the MDA has some massive potential for being and effective spokesman for the distilling industry in Massachusetts.

As we’ve already stated, Massachusetts has a long and proud history of distilleries across the state for hundreds of years at this point, creating a rich tradition of local distilleries cropping up as the business has continued to grow.

These are just some of the most notable distilleries that can be found around Massachusetts.

  • GrandTen Distilling
  • Chattermark Distillers
  • Bully Boy Distillers
  • Short Path Distillery
  • Boston Harbor Distillery
  • Damnation Alley Distillers
  • Bradford Distillery
  • Deacon Giles Distillery and The Speakeasy Lab
  • AstraLuna Brands
  • 20 Paces Distillery
  • Turkey Shore Distilleries
  • Privateer Rum
  • GlenPharmer Distillery
  • Ryan & Wood Distilleries
  • Nashoba Valley Spirits Distillery
  • Fabrizia Spirits
  • Working Man Distillers
  • Dirty Water Distillery
  • Spicy Water Distillery

Massachusetts Distillers Alliance (1)Other Key Details

Of course, behind the interesting facts and trivia around an organization, there is also the nitty-gritty of keeping businesses above board, so to speak.

These are the following rules that all distilleries that are looking to be both official businesses and join the MDA must conform to.

State Fees

The laws around permits and regulations in Massachusetts aren’t as fixed as they are in other states, as the distilling license is more focused on the amount of spirit you are producing, rather than a flat rate.

This range can be from as little as $22 per year, if you are producing up to 5,000 proof gallons in 12 months, to as much as $110 per 1 million gallons!

This means that smaller distillers are not being kept with the same bill of upkeep as larger distilleries with more revenue and resources.

Licensing Requirements

To be a legal distillery, distillers need to apply for a Farmer Distillery license to be able to sell their spirits to retailers and suppliers across the state.

Guild Distillery Guidelines/Rules

Currently speaking, the MDA does not have any distinct rules regarding the selling and purchasing of spirits.

However, aside from the previous permits and licenses that we previously mentioned, distillers are not allowed to sell alcohol to people aged under 21, the federal minimum age.

What Next?

So, what is next for this relatively young, yet already successful organization?

Well, aside from connecting more distilleries, and continuing to gather associate members for greater funding and networking opportunities, MDA currently operates a means through which members and interested parties can contact each other and their local representatives, to better push and protect the interest of the many large and small distilleries across the state.

Final Notes

So, there you have it!

We’ve talked a little about the MDA itself, some of the ways it can operate, as well as the potential distilleries that it has close connections with (at least geographically), and the requirements to both open a distillery and join it.

It is still early days for the Massachusetts Distillers Alliance, but there is a bright future ahead of them and the many distillers that are dotted across the state.

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