Kahlúa Distilleries

Kahlúa is a widely popular liqueur that has been making its way into the craft cocktail scene at distilleries, local pubs, and in mixed drinks since 1936. It has a unique flavor profile with signature notes of rum, vanilla, and coffee liqueur. Local distilleries source the coffee beans from trusted sources to ensure the quality of their product is up to standards. How you choose to drink Kahlúa varies depending on your preference, as people will add it in their cocktails or enjoy it straight from the bottle with an ice cube or two. Kahlúa delivers a mild sweetness without being too strong of a drink, which makes it highly popular for sipping and mixing together in various recipes for delicious cocktails. If you're crafting cocktails you can get your favorite bottle of Kahlúa from a local distillery to make White Russians, Black Russians, Mudslides, and other great drinks. For best results it's encouraged to use local Kahlúa from nearby distillery.